Arabic wedding traditions are far more different than typical European or American style weddings. In Arab weddings, many things are adhered to which have been suggested by the primary religion of Arabs. I have explained some of the main wedding traditions of Saudi Arabia that are followed by the majority of Arabs.
The "Tulba" is an official asking of the hand. This event is much more private, limited to the close relatives of the bride and groom. It occurs after the two households have accepted the couple's choice to wed.
Girl and boy become officially engaged once they have a little ceremony conducted by a cleric. Following this, they have a buffet type party with music, food, and dance, accompanied by all of their family, relatives, and friends. The boy also presents wedding rings (Trauring-efes) to his fiancé to strengthen the bond of love.
This event happens a day or two prior to the wedding day. It's a little gathering between the close male relatives on both the groom and bride’s sides, and it typically occurs in the home of the bride's family.
A gathering between women on each side of the family members, and it is held at the same time as the "Radwa." The celebration is traditionally placed on by women on the groom's side and takes place at the bride's family's home. To begin with, the girls gather at the groom's family's house to set everything straight.
Sahra (Celebration)
After both of these events, the genders mix and have a party, which is very common, but less expensive than an engagement or wedding reception.
Wedding Ceremony
A day or two afterwards, the "big day" finally arrives. For the Arab wedding, preparations begin at the crack of dawn. The wedding celebration has a lot of work to perform, along with the close members of their family on both sides in a brillant way . The bride, together with her family, is different from the groom and nearly all of her family ahead of the wedding.
Wedding reception
The wedding ceremony precedes an excellent reception. The guests always come before the bride, groom, and the wedding party because they're usually taking pictures after the ceremony. The party starts when the newlywed couple comes.
After a number of the dances, food is served. I can guarantee you, the meal is guaranteed to be super Middle Eastern and as a result, quite yummy. For the primary dish, rice and lamb is pretty common.
Candle Service
A significant tradition, which has become more popular in the current decade, is what I call the "candle service". Indeed, a slow song comes on, and the bride lightens two big candles and starts to dance like a solo.
The concluding party is that the "Ferdah." This celebration is exclusive to only the nearest family members/relatives on both the bride and groom's side.
Now you understand what Arab weddings are like, specific to Palestinian Christians from my loved ones. It may be a small village, but each summer, or what I refer to as "wedding season," love is in the atmosphere and many weddings have been held.

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