The SAT test is considered to be challenging in most parts of the world, thanks to its well-researched structure, emphasis on reasoning skills, and intense competition. Students writing the SAT often find themselves under stress. Even a full length SAT practice test can make a student nervous.

During high school, the most challenging task for a student is to prepare for the SAT to secure a seat in a good college. The number of test takers is increasing every year, leading to increased competition. This has resulted in mushrooming of learning centers for test preparation.

In this article would take a look at popular SAT test study methods (learning center, private tutor, and online tutoring). Let us see how a learning center for test prep works. Usually, the scenario would be like this- one tutor addressing a group of students. During a class, students would work together to solve math questions and verbal problems. Now, if the session takes place twice or thrice a month, it would result in more students per teacher. Not considering the teacher-pupil ratio, the teacher would complete the syllabus in the stipulated time frame by conducting SAT prep practice tests, and covering strategies to make educated guesses.

SAT test takers also purchase expensive prep books (some of them good, some others not-so-good). Most of these books contain practice questions. However, not every student is responsible and disciplined to stick to the book regularly. This is where the private-tutoring model comes into picture. A private tutor inculcates discipline in the child, and provides guidance to handle the difficult questions on the SAT.

The final model we would discuss here is online tutoring. Primarily, a form of web-based learning, this model of tutoring incorporates learning tools with pedagogy. Web-based tutoring can help students prepare for the SAT while reducing anxiety. It involves a tutor using the Internet to impart knowledge to the student using a variety of tools and techniques- whiteboard, multimedia and so on. An online tutoring program would consist of several SAT prep practice tests, SAT test study plan, and regular online classes.

Now that we have talked about the three models of SAT test study program, let us compare these three using the following parameters:

You cannot (in most cases) ask a learning center or a private tutor to teach your child according to your convenience. Learning centers have fixed timings. A private tutor might come to your home during the day. But what if you are way from home and you want to monitor our child’s progress? Online learning eliminates these issues by allowing you to fix your own schedules to study for the SAT. Moreover, it does not require a student (or the parent) to commute through heavy traffic.

Customized Program
A learning center would not customize a SAT test study program for a student; it would rather be interested in developing a program that addresses the needs of the entire group. The same goes with a private tutor. It is not possible for a tutor at a learning center to answer every single question of each student in a class of say 10-12 students. An online tutoring program, however, would first access the student’s weaknesses, and then prepare a tutoring program for the student. Web-based tutoring even customizes SAT prep practice tests for every student. Talk about tailor-made stuff!

The cost of SAT test study program with a learning center would cost you a few thousand dollars (feel free to check the websites of popular learning centers). A private tutor, would cost you less in comparison to a learning center, 50$ onwards per hour. Online classes, however, would give you the best value for money. Moreover, with online tutoring, you do not have to invest in expensive SAT practice test books.

The goal of all the three methods (learning center, private tutor, online classes) of SAT test study is the same- to work on the weaknesses of a student, and help him/her fetch high SAT scores. The education of your child is the more important than all other things. As a parent, you should provide your child with the best tutoring program.

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