Mentorship plays a huge role in all our lives. A good mentor shapes our professional and personal journey. Sarah Haggard is an engaging speaker, writer, and mentor who loves to tell stories, and share her most rewarding (and challenging) moments as an Anthropologist turned Product Marketer and now pioneering entrepreneur.

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Today, Sarah is the Founder and CEO of Tribute. She founded Tribute after 10 years working at Microsoft and struggling to find a mentor. The Tribute came to life because Sarah is passionate about the power of human connection, and using storytelling as a means to find that connection. 

Building Next Generation Learning Experience Platform

Tribute is not afraid to be the leader. The future of work will look radically different than today. It is redefining mentorship for a future based on distributed team effectiveness, inclusion, and belonging. Tribute has a team of business leaders, strategists, marketers, designers, and more. What brings its team together is its shared mission and vision for improving mentorship experience for both employers and employees using the transformative power of personal stories and Shared Life Experiences™ to create next-gen learning experience platforms.

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