The sanguine personality is by far the most extroverted and outgoing of the four personality types.
Florence Littauer broke down the four personality types in detail in her book, Personality Plus. After you read this article you will know if you are a sanguine personality, how to recognize them, and the most effective way to communicate with them.
The sanguine personality type can be summed up in one word…FUN!!! That is why we use the Blue Dolphin as a representation. Have ever noticed that dolphins look like they have perpetual smiles on their faces?
The sanguine personality moves and talks at a faster pace. They are the least unaware of their environment, but it doesn’t matter, because they could care less about what other people think about them.
They actually love the attention. As a matter of fact they are quite often the center of attention, or the life of the party.
Common Strengths
• Outgoing
• Entertaining
• Great Motivators
• Can paint a big picture
• Fun
• Great with kids
• Very hospitable and loves to host guest
• Enthusiastic
• Energetic
• Spontaneous

Common Weakness
• Whimsical
• Forgetful
• Ignores or is completely oblivious to important details
• Scatter-brained
• Avoids facing their problems
• Habitually takes on more than they can handle
• They don’t complete tasks
• Excessively talkative, loquacious
• Messy
• Unorganized
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
If you are down in the doldrums, there is nothing like a Blue Dolphin to cheer you up. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. The sanguine personality will paint a picture of the future so vivid and beautiful that you will be motivated to take action immediately! Just don’t expect them to follow through with anything. The Blue Dolphin will probably forget about the conversation in a few days anyway.
Sanguine personality types are great storytellers. They will even tell a flat out lie. They will have you so entranced in their story that you will start to believe even the most ridiculous details.
It has to be true right? The story was told with such passion and vivid details that it couldn’t be a lie.
When doing business with a Blue Dolphin, be upbeat and excited. Discuss the fun stuff, and lay out the big picture. If you try to explain too many boring details, you run the risk of losing the attention of the sanguine personality to something more interesting…like a butterfly.
How to Recognize
The Blue Dolphin will be easy to spot in a crowd. They may wear loud and flashy, attention grabbing clothes and colors. They also tend to move and talk at a faster pace. They may even talk excessively.
If everybody had a sanguine personality, this would be a very fun and exciting world, but nothing would get done. Fortunately, the majority of people have a blend of the four personality types.
Understanding people using the four personality types will lead to more successful relationships in both your business, and personal life.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach
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