In this world of clichés, it is the exceptional and outstanding people and concepts that rise to fame and success. This makes the out of the box characteristic a pretty well sought after feature for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate success, especially in the entertainment niche. What can be more out of the box than a university graduate of South Korean descent killing it on the pop scene? Not many things at all. This is why swiftly rising pop star Sang Min Lim is such a tremendous success.

The Rise of Sang Min Lim

Sang holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Brown University where he enrolled at just 19 years of age after arriving in the US. But his academic pursuits didn’t end there as he later enrolled in a law program at the University of Southern California. He also pursued a career in modelling, a fitting career given his dreamy physique.

Inspired by the glitz and glamour of US’s KPOP revolution, Sang decided to leave the conventional careers he’d been pursuing behind and dedicate his time to his passion-music. And by the looks of it, he made the right decision. His rise to fame was swift. Within a few short months, his YouTube channel shot up to over 17,000 subscribers and over 3 million views.

The response to his work is unmistakable proof of his musical mettle. Sang’s vocal talents have produced global hits such as Fantasy, which has garnered close to 2 million views on YouTube so far. Not far behind his number one his is his song  ‘Remember’ which currently has 1.2 million views and is swiftly catching up on ‘Fantasy’. Other hits in the making are ‘Follow’ and ‘Levitate’.

These captivating tunes have been wooing music lovers around the world for just about a year and the rapid rise in his popularity over this short period is an indicator of great things to come.  Sang is on the road to global fame and he’s moving at intense speed.

How Sang Captivates His Fans

Even though he is a KPOP artist, Sang’s music has a distinct R&B vibe. It is easy to find yourself grooving to his music and getting enraptured by his message. This euphoric vibe has pulled people from all walks of life towards his music.  The comments sections under his YouTube posts are exploding with comments outlining the adoration of his growing fan base.

Sang’s fans have been lucky enough to discover something the remainder of the world soon will- a talented KPOP superstar whose music takes the world to a fantastic place. And every day his fan base grows significantly as more and more people experience the joy of the Sang revolution.

Are you ready for a taste of his awesomeness? In addition to his YouTube channel, you can also find the rising pop star on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Instagram. Pretty soon though, you won’t need to search to find him as his image will become a global.

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