Footwear has to be the most important, empowering and fashionable part of any outfit. This accessory gives the women reassurance and confidence to kill it in the world outside. A well matched pair of shoes that is comfortable, chic and lethal by its looks can make any outfit be the forerunner and head-turner at any party, meeting, get-together or date. 

Women often have a myriad of shoes in their collection but the ones that would give you the right mix of confidence and chicness have to be curated with peculiarity. One of the most popular and drool worthy shoes come in sandal styles, be it the classic heeled sandals or the comfortable womens espadrille sandals or the coolest strappy sandals or the in vogue padded sandals.

Although sandals are available in a plethora of designs, made by thousands of designers worldwide, there are some pairs that are an absolute must have if you want to be the most fashion forward girl in your circle. 

As we have rolled into 2022, there is no time and money to waste on old, redundant and not-so-cool sandals, we have curated the best sandals styles for you that will pair up wonderfully with any of your cute, comfortable or sexy outfits. 

Let's look at some of the most killer and oh-so-necessary sandal styles that can take any outfit to the next level when paired correctly. These shoes are not so heavy on pockets but definitely heavy on style quotient. So let’s dive right into it!

Sandal Styles You Need to Own Now!

1.  Slip on Sandals

When I talk about slip on sandals for women I include a variety of styles but not all of them. Slip on sandals are comfortable yet classy, sassy yet sexy and cool yet oozes panache. In 2022, women want to look stylish without compromising on their comfort, so a slip on sandal fills the requirement to the T. 

There are many styles in these sandals as well, like the mules, slides, and jelly sandals. All these styles are comfortable, chic and can be easily paired up to dress up or down. You can collaborate with mom jeans, shorts, dresses or skirts and be relaxed all day long.

2.  Evergreen Neutral Color Heeled Sandals

Now that’s what I call a classy combination, just the two components that are bound to work with each other, neutral sandals with heels. The neutral color has been in the fashion game for 2-3 years now but the love for it has just started.

 When we combine neutral color sandals with heels we are creating the most sophisticated yet exotic combination that will boost your confidence, add to your grace and revive a charm that you never felt before. You can pair up these sandals with any formal outfit to make it look elegant, chic and classy. The best part is that these work for day as well as night time.

3.  Gladiator Sandals

If you have to pick just one sandal from this list then be it this one as it is the most on trend and vogue sandal style for 2022. The gladiator style sandals are funky, quirky and so unconventional that these are bound to draw attention to your OOTD. People often think that in order to look cool in these sandals one has to have skinny legs but trust me, this style is just perfect for any body type. 

Gladiator sandals go best with short summer dresses, cocktail or ruffled outfits and they are the best combination with miniskirts and shorts. These sandals can be till the ankle, mid-calf or all the way up till knee! Make sure you have these sandals in your wardrobe before the summer season hits us in 2022!

4.  Padded Sandals

Padded sandals are the new platforms, they are comfortable, soft and provide the much needed height as well. The padded sandals are also available in all kinds of colors, shapes, heels and styles. Top designers like Bottega Veneta, Zara and stores like Steve Maiden keep these sandals due to their love in the general public. 

The padded sandals look best with a squared toe front and not the traditional round one. The padded sandals are mostly made in single, bright colors that not only successfully draw attention but also keeps the wearer comfortable and at ease.

5. T-Strap Sandals

Last but certainly not the least, t-strap style sandals are in trend from god knows how long and their game is still going strong. This is due to the comfort and grip they offer to the foot. The t-strap sandal style is available in various forms of sandals like the heels, wedges, platforms, straps or slip-on sandals for women.


Sandals are the ultimate crossover between comfort and style. Wear any of these above 5 styles and create a powerful statement with your outfit. Make sure to pair them up with the correct outfit and if you need, take inspiration from our curated style at MISSLOLA.





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