On your Costa Blanca holidays there is a little Spanish village that you have just got to visit, it exudes everything that is Spanish and let’s face it that is the main reason most people take a Costa Blanca holidays. This little village is of course San Miguel, the place you have been looking for and did not even know it. Just be sure and put it at the top of your list when you book your Costa Blanca holidays.

You will know when you reach San Miguel on your Costa Blanca holidays as the area around this little village is covered up with lemon, orange and almond groves not to mention all the vegetables that are grown in the area. When you enter the village take the time to look around, get out of your car and take a relaxing stroll down the streets. As you walk down some of the side streets don´t be surprised to see little old Spanish ladies setting on their doorsteps preparing vegetables for dinner while the men folk stand around talking about what they did or did not do during the day and most likely with a drink in their hand. As you walk along take notice of how friendly they are unlike most places back home. This is a country with a close nit family life and this includes their neighbours as well as all the children in the area. When you take your Costa Blanca holidays in this area you will go home with a since of what culture, tradition and family life is really like.

On your Costa Blanca trail that takes you through San Miguel you will without a doubt stop at a bar or two. If you don´t stop at any other bar in San Miguel be sure and stop at the Nut House. A Costa Blanca holidays would not be complete without this stop. The owner, Antonio, never met a stranger and once he does meet you he will never forget you. This little bar on the back streets of San Miguel is like a home away from home. During the day the place if full of ex-pats and at night it is for the most part Spanish. The reason it is called the nut house is that with each drink you get a plate of nuts and crisp, some people say that he does not have a license to sell alcohol only nuts and crisp. So when you are on your Costa Blanca holidays you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don´t stop at the Nut House.

Remember when you first considered coming to Spain on your Costa Blanca holidays it was sun, sea and sand you were originally coming for. Now that you have completed your Costa Blanca Holidays you have come away with a deeper understanding of what culture, cuisine, tradition and family lifestyle really means, if only you could bottle this just think of how much money you could make.

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