Below you will find the Samsung galaxy s10 screen protector that Goistik has in their range. Use your Samsung Galaxy S10 without worrying about scratches and damage to your screen with a screen protector. Replacing the touchscreen is expensive and often difficult. Prevent damage to your phone by using a screen protector.

Smartphones and tablets are almost indispensable in our daily lives. We are increasingly dependent on these devices, so it is important to properly protect your Samsung Galaxy S10.

When you have just purchased a new device, you want to keep it as nice and tidy as possible. This is, of course, possible with a stylish Galaxy S10 phone case. In some cases, the screen is not protected, which may result in small scratches.

For example, when you purchase a back cover for your Samsung Galaxy S10, only the back and sides of the device are protected. It is important that you also protect the screen of your phone. This is possible with a screen protector!

A screen protector is a thin film layer that you can stick on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10. A Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector protects the display against small scratches, dirt, and greasy fingers, allowing you to enjoy your device longer.

Different types of screen protectors

Many screen protectors are hardly visible because they are often made of ultra-transparent material. Most screen protectors have a flexible hard top layer that effectively protects your screen against small scratches.

Goistik tries to put together a wide range of screen protectors for each device. Screen protectors come in different types. There are universal screen protectors, customized screen protectors and for some devices also Tempered Glass screen protectors.

Custom made Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protectors

Goistik has a screen protector that is tailor-made for almost every telephone. This means that the screen protector fits exactly on the screen of your telephone and is provided with the necessary cut-outs.

The advantage of a customized Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector is that the screen protector is of course that it does not have to be cut to size. In the product description of the screen protector, you can see if the screen protector is made specifically for your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Tempered Glass

We offer a range of Tempered Glass for most popular smartphones. Tempered Glass forms a second glass over your screen. Tempered Glass is made of glass.

By using the latest technologies, features have been created that perfectly protects your screen. If you drop your Samsung Galaxy S10, your Tempered Glass will probably break and not your screen.

This will not be the case with a normal screen protector. Are we not yet offering the Tempered Glass for the Samsung Galaxy S10? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service!

Questions about the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protectors?

Do you have questions about the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protectors from our range? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, product experts.

They will be happy to help you find the right screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S10. You can also ask questions about compatibility with Galaxy S10 cases at our product experts.

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