Same Day Agra Tour by Train is one of the most popular Agra day tours. It is chosen by tourists who want to see the Taj Mahal and other famous historical sites in Agra as well as travel by train in India. Gatiman Express is the train that will take you there. The trip is also called the Taj Mahal Tour by Gatiman Express Train.

What to Look For


Pick up from Delhi/NCR/Gurugram airport or hotel and drive to Agra You will be picked up from your hotel in Delhi early in the morning and taken to the Hazrat Nizamuddin train station to catch the Gatimaan Express, India's fastest and most comfortable train, to Agra.

On board, breakfast will be served. The breakfast is tasty and there is so much of it that it could be called lunch.

Taj Mahal:

Meet the Agra tour guide on arrival. Go to see the Taj Mahal. At the Agra Railway Station, their driver and Agra tour guide will meet you. A private car with air conditioning and a driver will pick you up at the station and take you to the Taj Mahal, which is the symbol of Agra.

Visit the famous white marble memorial, which is a symbol of love around the world, with your local guide. The Taj Mahal is the most important thing about this trip.

Agra Fort:

Go to Agra to see the Red Fort. After seeing the Taj Mahal, the trip goes to the Agra Fort, which was once the capital city of strong Mughal rulers. Its red sandstone architecture tells stories of past glory, with a tour guide from Agra.


Time for lunch after seeing the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, it's time for lunch. Take your lunch. Visit Mehtab Bagh (A Moonlight Garden) now, and drive across the river to Mehtab Bag. You will go to Mehtab Bag with a tour guide from Agra.

A shooter will always remember the time they went to Mehtab Bagh to see the Taj Mahal at sunset. It will be something you will remember soon! On the other side of the Yamuna River, you can watch the sun go down on the beautiful white marble of the Taj Mahal.


Explore Markets during the last part of your trip to Agra, you can visit handicraft markets at the night. Use this trip to Agra to walk around the local markets, learn about local crafts, and find out how to prune stones. Depending on what you want, you can visit Agra's local market, known for its finely carved marble goods, handicrafts, rugs, carpets, and jewellery.

New Delhi:

Get to the Agra Train Station After seeing all the sights in Agra; you'll be taken to the Agra Railway Station to catch the Gatimaan Express train to Delhi. The train leaves Agra. On board, dinner will be served. Leave for the New Delhi airport or your hotel. At the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi, their driver will pick you up and take you to your hotel or the airport so you can catch your next trip.


With this same day taj mahal tour by train, you'll have more time to see Agra's sights than on a group road trip or on your own. Although the Taj Mahal brings the most visitors to Agra, the city has much more to offer. Most of these places of interest are hard to find because most tour companies need to include them in their plans. But seeing some of them on a short trip is only possible.

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