Many women of childbearing age have been checked for salpingitis before pregnancy. They want to know whether it will affect pregnancy. If salpingitis is not treated in time, it will reduce the probability of female pregnancy and may bring other hazards. Let's have a look!

If the fallopian tube has acute inflammation, there will be an inflammatory reaction. The fallopian tube may have inflammatory exudates, which will further affect the peristalsis of tubal cilia and the transportation of sperm and eggs in the fallopian tube. Sperm and eggs are not easy to combine, and the probability of pregnancy is greatly reduced.

If the fallopian tube has chronic inflammation, the inflammation can lead to congestion and edema of the mucosa, and adhesion around the fallopian tube may occur, resulting in obstruction or blockage. It may lead to infertility, and even pregnancy may lead to ectopic pregnancy, endangering women's health.

Therefore, salpingitis is likely to affect the success rate of pregnancy preparation, so women must actively treat it. Acute tubal inflammation is generally caused by bacterial infection. Under the diagnosis of doctors, it can be treated with corresponding antibiotics. However, chronic salpingitis often has other gynecological tissue lesions, such as chronic pelvic inflammation, fallopian tube blockage, adhesion, and so on. The effect of simple anti-inflammatory and anti-infection treatment is not ideal.

And it is worth noting that antibiotics are prone to drug resistance and drug resistance, so once the treatment does not improve or relapse after treatment, we should consider whether drug side effects cause it.

It is suggested that the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can eliminate various gynecological inflammation and loosen adhesion and dredge blocked fallopian tubes. Moreover, taking the Fuyan pill can also improve women's physique, repair damaged reproductive tissue, and improve women's pregnancy rate.

In addition, for tubal adhesion, tubal blockage, and hydrosalpinx, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening spleen and dampness in Fuyan pill can also play a therapeutic role. The treatment is comprehensive, so the effect is relatively significant.

It is the best choice to treat tubal inflammation actively and then prepare for pregnancy. At the same time of treatment, it is suggested that women should pay attention to some nursing methods.

1. Women can appropriately improve their eating habits in their daily life and should not abuse antibiotics. Avoid spicy, greasy, and other irritating foods. Some women can also have lower abdominal pain. At this time, females can drink more hot water. Do not abuse painkillers to avoid the aggravation of inflammation.

2. Be cheerful and reduce mental tension. I hope my son is too eager, but he won't get pregnant. Especially for the elderly or those who have not been pregnant for several years after marriage, do not complain and worry about each other to interfere with neuroendocrine function, cause tubal dysfunction, and make it more difficult to conceive. In ordinary times, women should also increase physical exercise, and it is also essential to enhance our physique.

3. Grasp the roommate time. Women are most likely to conceive within two or three days before and after ovulation. Vaginal secretions increased significantly during ovulation, transparent and clear, like egg-like strip mucus. Specifically, it is most appropriate to conceive when you have sex between the second and 12th days after your menstruation is clean.

4. Pay attention to sexual hygiene. When women have sex, they and their sexual partners should pay attention to hygiene. Before having sex, it is necessary to clear the acute fallopian and wash the external genitalia of both men and women to prevent the smooth invasion of bacteria. When women have vaginal bleeding symptoms, they should exercise self-restraint and prohibit sexual life.

5. Timely and effective treatment of salpingitis. Do not do medical abortion, abortion history, and uterine cavity examination at will. Experts said that first, during an abortion, the blood in the uterine cavity flows back into the fallopian tube, causing non-inflammatory hematoma and organized salpingitis. Second, frequent uterine cavity examination is easy to be infected, causing fallopian tube blockage.

In addition, pay attention to the following points to make you pregnant:

1. Maintain a relaxed mood and reduce mental tension. Expecting children too much will cause psychological pressure, interfere with neuroendocrine function, cause tubal dysfunction and make it more challenging to get pregnant.

2. Keep good work and rest habits, go to bed early, get up early, and don't stay up late. At the same time, according to the couple's hobbies, do some exercise to improve the quality of sperm and eggs in the body.

3. To improve the quality of sexual life, the partners should not live too frequently. The frequency of sex every two or three days may be better for improving the probability of pregnancy.

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