With the development of technology, mobile phones have become very common in use. There are various GSM companies in our country to assist in ensuring communication while using our mobile phones. GSM companies organize various tariffs or campaigns in order not to lose their subscribers or potential customers to other GSM companies.

TURKCELL, which holds a significant part of the customer potential in our country, makes various tariffs or campaigns in this way. One of these campaigns is the Turkcell salla kazan campaign. With its Salla Kazan campaign, Turkcell regularly gives many surprise gifts to its customers every week.

In order to benefit from the Turkcell salla kazan campaign, all you have to do is to install the “Digital Operator” application on your mobile phone. If the application is not installed on your mobile phone, you can easily access the application from Google play or app stoe. The Digital operator application you have installed is known as a TURKCELL mobile application developed for Turkcell's online transactions easily.

In this article, I will try to answer the questions of how to make Turkcell salla kazan , frequently asked by many people, Turkcell salla kazan free internet, and Turkcell salla kazan day.

Only Turkcell mobile line users can benefit from the TURKCELL shake-win campaign. After applying the necessary instructions for the shake-win campaign, the "Digital Operator" application is entered.

If you have not used your salla kazan right after logging in the application, there will be a sign about the salla kazan campaign in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Touching this sign will lead you to the page of the salla kazan campaign. You should shake your phone as shown by clicking the "Earn Now" button on the page you are directed to.

After you shake your phone as shown, a surprise gift package will open on your screen and the gift that Turkcell defined for you will be loaded on your line easily. The usage period of the gift package you earn from the shake-win campaign may vary depending on the gift type.

Turkcell shake the win started the period of choosing a gift with the latest update. Now, after making a shake, you will find two different gifts to choose from. Using the gift you want is now in your hands.

With its shake-win campaign, Turkcell has given mobile line users a chance to win gifts that are valid in many areas. To earn one of many gifts such as gift internet packages, gift speech packages, gift SMS packages, gift usage packages in some applications made by Turkcell, it is enough to log into the “digital operator” application and shake it as shown.

According to the type of gift packages in the shake-win campaign, it provides its users with an hourly, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, and monthly usage period. After following the necessary instructions for the salla kazan campaign, Shaking is performed. With the information message about the campaign, you can use the earned gift as you wish.

Turkcell salla kazan campaign is not used continuously. It is used within the period specified in the campaign. Turkcell has defined its users the right to participate in the campaign once every week.

The Salla kazan campaign is renewed every Thursday night. The user can use the gift won from the campaign until the next Thursday. The unused rights in your gift package do not accumulate in any way on your line.

Unfortunately, a user who does not exercise his right to shake within a week does not have the chance to exercise that right again. Turkcell, which offers many gifts or packages as a gift, together with the Shake-win campaign, has managed to retain its own user through this campaign.

salla kazan offered for Turkcell subscribers is open to not only postpaid lines but also prepaid line owners. All Turkcell subscribers, whether invoiced or not, can salla kazan. However, more Turkcell free internet is known to be available for postpaid line owners.

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