When you do a Google search for the phrase "Sales Wisdom" you'll end up with 21, 600,000 results.

It makes me think, there's no shortage of sales wisdom in cyberspace.

But how much is too much? For starters, 21,600,000 results is too much to benefit the typical professional sales representative.

So what are the keys to achieving selling success? If you could only focus your energy on what's really important, what should that be?

You probably don't have a lot of time to consider this, but guess what, I do.

So the next four newsletters, including this one, will focus on what I believe you should focus on in order to achieve superior selling results and selling success this year.

The first thing you should do is something most salespeople believe they are doing, when in fact they're missing the boat named "Opportunity."

Let me explain. To be extremely successful, and to have it your way, you must establish goals for your life and work.

Do a Google search for the word Goals and you'll see 170 million results.

Everybody talks about goals.

Everybody believes they have goals.

In my opinion, everybody is delusional when it comes to the subject of goals.

If you ask all the salespeople who believe they have goals, to show you their written goals, few salespeople would be able to provide proof positive that their goals are indeed in writing.

The process of establishing goals is so simple, most people are blinded by the simplicity and simply ignore the power of goals setting.

If you're smart, you won't make this mistake.

To establish goals you only have to do three things.

1. Prepare written goals.

2. Make your goals specific - using numbers.

3. Commit to a specific date. (DD/MM/Year)

Now how hard is that?

It's not hard, but it is serious stuff because it forces you to focus and think about what you want out of your life and your work.

Goals can serve you the way your GPS system does. Obviously, you know where the starting point and you get to enter the destination.

What in this world could be easier than this?

"Stupid is, as stupid does" is a memorable quote from the movie titled Forrest Gump.

It must be catching, because when it comes to goals most people show symptoms of stupidity.

Here's a short list I recommend you plug into your personal and professional GPS system:

Establish family goals. And I suggest you do this with your family.

Establish financial goals. Most people don't seriously start thinking about their retirement goals until they're in their 50's. That's just too late.

Establish self-development goals for yourself because it's never too late to learn new selling skills. When you commit to continuous learning you'll be on the road destined to achieve selling success. This road will not be crowded.

Establish physical well-being goals. My grandfather died when he was 63. My father's 88 and still fairly active. Take care of yourself because you're probably going to be around for a while.

Establish spiritual goals for yourself.

Establish community goals. How specifically can you give back to your community.

Here's an excerpt from Elias Tobian's poem, "Captain Of My Ship."

I am the captain of my ship,
Facing a violent, stormy sea.

Who and what I am in life
I believe is my responsibility.

One last piece of sales wisdom.

Take control of your personal and professional GPS system.

Why not become the Captain of your own ship - it's your life you know!

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