One of the most important skills that any salesperson must utilize is to set out a strategy to achieve your objectives and to plan in advance how you intend to manage your time and sales territory to reach the end goal.

It is often said that time is the most valuable asset of any sales person. When a sales person loses hours the end result is always lost sales and therefore less earnings.

The greatest challenge in a salespersons career is the organizing and preparation of time to your selling activities. In the present economy there has never been a greater demand to produce more effective results.

The result of this is that the salesperson who becomes efficient in planning their time will quickly rise to the top of this profession . It is a sad fact that the majority of sales people spend their time on activities that have nothing to do with them making more sales, they end up spending all of their time on admin and procrastination and are baffled as to why they have so few leads and why they always seem to miss their sales targets.

Planning Sales

I'm sure you have seen many different methods for planning your working day but it all boils down to the fact that if you don't execute any of these plans then nothing will get done.

It must be remembered that if any of these planning methods are too complex they just won't get done, you will keep putting them off. An effective sales planning method is vital to obtaining predictable, and more importantly, a consistent amount of sales .

This will also mean you will create a highly responsive sales pipeline further down the road.

When you have achieved the goal of having a properly laid out plan you will soon find that your income goals and revenue quotas will soon be met. You will also find that the frustrating peaks and troughs will be greatly reduced.

You are a professional salesperson and you should ensure that at the beginning of every day, month and year your plans are laid out in order to reach your income goals.

It is imperative that any salesperson must be able to prioritize their time in order to have the impact desired.

Time Management

You would probably be surprised how many sales people have problems managing their time. They suffer from feeling anxious and stressed and feel they are losing control of their everyday lives. But there are many more who have discovered that it doesn't have to be like this and you can easily learn from them.

The management of time is a skill that anyone who is prepared to put in the effort required can master.

Before we go any further you must realize that there are two rules to dealing with planning and time management.

Those two rules are

* You must focus on the end result and not on just being busy. * You can only manage yourself, you can't manage time.

It is a sad but common fact that many salespeople achieve very little because they are concentrating on things that just don't matter.

In every walk of life the most successful achievers are the ones that focus on doing what must be done and not doing things that seem to just keep them busy.

A properly laid out sales plan will give you a concentrated focus on achieving your goals. It would be an extremely good idea to ask your sales manager to put you with someone who has already achieved these objectives and who you can learn from first hand or, even better, you could make the decision today to become an expert time manager in your own right.

Have a look on Amazon for the top recommended time management books and make sure you read them. Perhaps not all in one go but 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening will have a profound effect on you.

It is important to remember that with practice and perseverance all of the above can be mastered and lead to a far more productive working life not to mention a far happier salesperson.

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