Know what you sell and the value you bring
There is no substitute for completely knowing your value proposition and what it is you really sell. This understanding is crucial to effortlessly closing virtually any sale. When you are clear on what you sell, communicating this to your qualified prospect is simple and getting them to understand your value and how this will support them is simple.

A few tips on Closing
Closing a sale is not just about getting a yes from your customer or prospect. Once you have got agreement from your customer in principal, it is crucial that you move the sale towards confirming it in writing. It takes experience, but once you have a verbal expression of interest, you should move resolutely toward a verbal commitment and finally get them to commit to a written agreement. This will allow you to finally complete the sales cycle.

Create a sense of urgency
People have an inherent propensity to procrastinate, when it comes to finalising a sale, but as you know that your value proposition is in the best interests of your prospect and will benefit them, it is in their best interests that you close the deal as soon as possible. As you believe completely in the value you bring, it is in the prospects best interest that you create a sense of urgency and get their commitment. This may mean that you may need to make a few final concessions, to close the deal.

Always add value
Throughout the relationship building and negotiating process and beyond, it is wise to always add as much value to your prospects and clients as possible. This can be in the form of a press release about one of your products, a story about your business, results from new tests, which have been conducted or even a new testimonial from an existing customer. All these assist the prospect to make up their mind and will support you when you begin to close the sale.

Closing Must Be Organic
Before you can even consider closing any deal, you must ensure that a modality of fair exchange exists between both parties. Unless there is a win win situation for both parties, the sales relationship will be unsustainable.

Raymond Gunn, managing partner of entrepreneurial consultant Wingspan Partners, in Shelby, Michigan, and a veteran closer, sees closing a sale as listed below:

“The deal is actually closed before the deal happens”. Courting and building mutually beneficial relationships over time, with your prospects and customers is the only sure-fire way of succeeding and closing a deal. This process is seldom instant, it may take years to build the relationship with the right prospects, before you can close the deal..
“Be the best listener you can be. The more attentive you are and the more you hear the other guy’s pain, the better equipped you are to figure out ways you can you solve their challenges? Try to discover any benefits, which will result in a pleasurable experience and try to add this to thee equation. When you focus on pleasure and benefits, the rest is easy..
“Tricks aren’t good: Great sales professionals are never in the manipulation business. If you need to try to use clever closing techniques to trick your prospect, you are not in a position to close anyway. Create and effectively communicate true value and your prospect will gladly do business with you at a fair asking price

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