Sales presentations are a part and parcel of businesses. Even if you don’t make a presentation in the beginning, you will have to do it once you are stable. In order to compel customers into buying your offerings, you have to ensure that the sales presentation is compelling as well as interesting while being informative.
Many people go wrong with these presentations mainly because they forget their basics. They overdo things in their worry and excitement. This leads to their downfall. Remember that your sales presentation could either make you or break you terribly. If it is not good enough, you will not get customers and worse you will lose your existing ones!

Here are the three most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make:

Extending your Presentation too Much
No one wants to know what went into making a product and how hard you had to work. Customers want to know how that particular product will benefit them and your presentation should give them precisely that information. Adding too much information and conducting a long session will work against you.

Restrict your presentation to only the important points and highlight everything you think your customers need to know. Use simple but compelling examples to get your point across so that customers know your value. Always keep it simple and interesting. Visual aids will help a lot.

Talking too Much about Yourself
Don’t go bragging about who you are, how long you have been working, and so on. Your goal is to reach out to the customers.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Would you even bother listening about some XYZ entrepreneur talking about himself for long minutes? I am sure not. Change your viewpoint while making your presentation. Shift your focus from yourself to your customers and you will automatically be able to create a better sales presentation.

Not Being Clear about your Value
There are numerous companies in your league. Why should your customers choose you? If you fail to make them understand that through your sales presentation, they will not come to you.

Your customers should know what makes you unique and better than the rest. To help your case, use customer reviews and stories in your favor. That will highlight your work and show people what you are capable of. Otherwise, explain in just one sentence why and how you can do better than your competitors.

If you could take this advice and create your sales presentation accordingly, you’d do your company a lot of good!

Entrepreneurial Learning
Sales presentations can be tricky especially if you approach them with the wrong point of view. Look at your presentation as a customer and not as the seller. That will help you figure out what to include in your presentation. Don’t be over informative. Keep it simple but compelling.

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