In this present times when businesses are far more serious to utilize their own sales lead generation campaign, it appears that with social marketing, finding application when it comes to sales lead generation, there are some individuals and companies in any industry have been presuming that the business values are no longer based on what a person or company can do but who they have served. Some even based the value of their business on who their friends are. Sad to say, one has to wonder if this all means that marketing is now leaning on to a game of climbing the social ladder. Does that also mean that generating qualified leads is now very limited to the people they know? This is what some "old school" sales people consider as influential marketing where they sell their products and services to the people they know like their families, relatives, friends, etc. But, if you were to be asked, would you like to have this kind of business out of your lead generation process by climbing the social ladder?

Climbing the social ladder can be an effective way to gain financial success in one's business. It can work for some companies but not all. If a company prefers a more objective and straightforward approach, then, they may not even need to climb that social climber or just to rely on it one-hundred percent. After all, the reason why companies engage in lead generation process is to gather more customers as many as they can.

What one needs to know when they are engaged in any business is that it is not really bad to climb the social ladder but it can be if they totally rely on it alone. For instance, if a tax consulting firm needs to qualify warm marketing leads and sales leads, they would also let the hard facts of law and logic give them financial success aside from being recommended by friends and relatives on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

It's not really bad to rely on social ladder to gather and generate sales leads. Why, they can even help in giving any business more customers through referrals. A company just needs to remember that if they really want to gather qualified leads by climbing the social ladder, they have to make sure that they know a lot about the products and/or services they are offering and they can do more than just selling. Selling is a never-ending process and it doesn't stop when someone buys or avails their products and/or services. Once the customer is satisfied, he will even be more than willing to recommend this to some of his friends.

So, is it really that bad to climb the social ladder when it comes to sales lead generation? No, not at all unless if a company totally relies on it. It can limit the possibility of gaining new potential customers beyond their own area.

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