Most network marketers can’t stop talking about their products, services, company, etc. The majority of network marketers are also struggling to build a business. One reason is because most of them ignore this basic human principle.
People are selfish. A nicer way to say this is that people are more interested in what they are into, than what you are trying to get them into.
That is why when you listen to people, they will open up and talk to you. Most network marketers do the opposite and will not stop talking about how great their business opportunity is.
People do not want to hear that. They are more interested in what they are into.
You repel people when all you do is blab about your business opportunity. This is why some network marketers joke about being in the NFL (No Friends Left) Club. They ran them all away blabbering about how great their opportunity is, and why everyone needs to take a look at it.
Churches do the same thing. Religious people talk about how important it is to win more souls. Then they run out, and every word that comes out of their mouth is about God and/or church. Their target market does not want to hear this.
One way to get more sales, customers, members, etc., is to rely on sales strategies and tools of influence to persuade people to join them.
One tool of influence that religious people regularly use, relies on the negative emotion of fear. They tell people that they are going to Hell if they do not join them.
We have all heard the analogy of a really good sales person being able to sell ice to an Eskimo. This means that they can get people to want something that they did not originally want.
Most people will quickly admit that they are not good at sales. However, an average person will sell stuff more successfully if they just give people what they already want, instead of trying to persuade them to want something that they did not initially want.
That is also why 2K Network Marketing works for the average person.
Sure some people get rich in network marketing. Those few people are above average because they have the ability to endure an abnormal amount of rejection. They also get good at overcoming objections, and other sales and persuasion strategies.
It may sound hard to believe that an average person can get to the top of a network marketing compensation plan and be a top earner in their company.
It also used to sound hard to believe that you could get light by flipping a switch, or fly across the world in an airplane.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach
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