Different religious traditions define meditation in a variety of ways. Meditation is taught and practised in different ways throughout the world. Leading practitioners of meditation believe that range of spiritual and religious goals can be achieved through the practice of meditation.

Sakar Trust has developed a unique methodology for mindfulness and relaxation meditation based rigorous scientific research. Sakar’s two hour meditation program “Rasmay Bodhi Program - RBP” includes one-hour of engaging discussion followed by one hour of silent, relaxation and witnessing meditation.

Since its launch in 2010, Sakar has organized and facilitated 400 Rasmay Bodhi Programs and supported practitioners to experience a deeper level of peace, alertness and clarity. Rasmay Bodhi meditation induces relaxation of each muscle, nerve and cells. It allows mind to naturally relax and attain stillness. Practitioners report enhanced level of awareness, stronger perception, joyful relationship and profound experience of peace.

Rasmay Bodhi program’s one-hour discussion is done on scientific and spiritual topics that allows participants to discover new actions to bring a higher level of peace in their life.Most participants take complete responsibility of their life and experience new power in dealing with life’s challenges.

Rasmay Bodhi Program is attended by entrepreneurs, housewives, scholars, medical professionals, technology professionals, students and almost anyone interested in expanding their understanding. Each session is filled with strong participation, humor, insights and profound shift in participant’s understanding. Rasmay Bodhi programs are free. Sakar does not accept any donation, nor accept any free service in the form of volunteering. Sakar does not promote any business interests, market any other product or services. Sakar does not promote any particular individual, guru, book or spiritual practice.

Rasmay Bodhi program is open to everyone. Participants don’t need to register. They can simply walk-in and participate. Rasmay Bodhi provides unique opportunity to everyone to discover new level of joy and power.

Sakar is a unique organization that successfully implements new projects that makes a vast difference in the quality of life of people. Sakar’s projects cover education, healthcare, meditation, senior citizen care and encouraging people towards social contribution.

Each Rasmay Bodhi program is led and facilitated by Mr. Hiten Bhuta. He is creator of Rasmay Bodhi and also founder of Sakar Trust.

Visit www.sakartrust.org and www.hitenbhuta.com to know more.

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