Having your little bundle of joy is one of the best things that can happen to any parent. Your baby depends on you for almost everything so you need to do your best to ensure they are safe all the time. Parents need to follow the general home safety tips as well as childproof their homes to protect their babies.

According to research, many parents in the United States end up losing babies under one year because of injuries. These are injuries that parents can prevent from happening if they are well informed.

Some parents underestimate the capability of their babies and this causes injuries. You need to understand that babies grow up so fast. In a few months, they will be able to hold things, crawl, roll over, climb and much more. I will take you through some important safety tips for a baby under a year.

Protecting Baby From Falls

Falls are one of the major causes of injuries for babies under one year. Your child is gaining new abilities which means that he or she will fall frequently. One of the best ways in which you can protect your baby from injuries associated with falls is installing baby gates on doors and stairways.

You need to make sure that there are no sharp objects in the room where your baby plays. I would not recommend using baby walkers because your child may tip over and fall. Baby walkers give children the opportunity to access places where it is easy for them to pull heavy items or objects.

Protecting Your Baby from Burns

Another common cause of injuries for babies at home is burns. Children under the age of 6-12 months will grab everything that they come across. They have no idea the potential dangers they can get when they hold hot items which can cause burns. Ensure that you keep hot cups of coffee away from the table or edges of the counter.

You can prevent burns by avoiding carrying hot food or liquids near your child or when you are holding your child. Parents should ensure that their babies do not walk or crawl near heaters, hot appliances, stoves and much more because they can end up being burned.

When you are busy preparing food or doing other household chores and you are not in a position to observe your baby keenly, make sure that you keep them in a safe place like crib, stationery center high chair.

Burns can take place accidentally at home. It is important if you know the right measures to take when your child gets a burn. The first thing that you need to do is to pour cold water on the burn right away. Keep the area burned in cold water for a few minutes so that it can cool. The next thing that you need to do is to cover the area with a bandage or clean cloth and then call your doctor for advice.

Poison and Chocking

According to the blog Momandbabylab, The most common thing with babies is that they put almost everything they find in their mouth. This can be dangerous because some of the products can end up chocking them. As a caring parent, ensure that you do not leave small objects in a place where your baby can reach them. When feeding your baby, make sure that you do not feed hard pieces of grapes, raw carrots, hot dogs and much more.

Some of the things that babies put in their mouth can be poisonous. Parents should keep things like chemicals, medicine, cleaners out of reach of their kids. You can have safety latches on cupboards, drawers, and locks.

You should also know how to attend to your baby when he or she starts to choke. You can seek help from your doctor so that you can know how to save your baby in case they choke.


Children under one year are fond of playing in the water. If they find water in the pail, bathtub or any container, they will most likely try to play with it and sometimes they can drown if the water is too much. You need to ensure that you keep bathtub, pails, and containers empty and keep the bathroom door always closed.

Drowning can take place with water that is less than 2 inches. If you have a swimming pool at home, install a fence to separate the swimming pool from the house. Ensure that all the 4 sides of the swimming pool are fenced to prevent kids from accessing the pool.

Strangulation and Suffocation

When you are raising a baby, you need to be aware of many safety tips to ensure that your child is protected all the time. Suffocation and strangulation are common things that happen to kids under one year. Don't put your baby's crib near windows. Check out for things like draperies, windows blinds, and cords that can strangle your baby.

Baby Car Safety

Knowing how to protect your baby when in the car is also important. There are so many injuries that take place as a result of car crashes that put the life of your baby at risk. If you use car safety seats when your child is in the car, you can prevent deaths that take place as a result of car crashes. You should make sure that toddlers and infants ride in the rear-facing safety car seats until they reach the required weight and height recommended by car manufacturers. The safest place where you should keep children and infants is the back seat.

Final Words

Parenting involves a lot of things and one of the most important things that you should observe is the safety of your baby. If you have a baby under one year, you need to know some safety tips to prevent them from injuries and other hazards. I believe the above tips will help you as a parent protect your kids. These are simple tips that you can observe and prevent the many deaths that result from accidents and injuries in the house.

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The best way to help a choking baby is to be prepared! Parents, Grandparents, & Babysitters should take a class to learn first aid for choking, CPR and baby safety.