Most of you have this hesitation in joining self-defence classes because you feel that it’s somewhat dangerous to learn to fight in front of total strangers in these classes, and that’s completely understandable because if you are exerting yourself physically, you can badly injuring yourself and others. But you’ve got to understand that in these classes you will be under the guidance of expert trainers who will oversee everything to ensure that there is a minimum chance of an injury or accidents.

Why participate in such classes?

Predominantly the main reason the most people join these classes is to gain the necessary training and knowledge needed to protect yourself from nay precarious situations and that too in a very convenient manner. One thing that’s for certain is that these days, personal safety is imperative; especially for women considering the rise in criminal activities that’s been going on.

To be perfectly honest, it can be tricky to go about things without proper self-defence training. Through several fitness exercises and simulated attacks, you will be made equipped to deal with any dangerous real life situations. As they also involve a lot of hands-on training and strenuous exercises, it is advisable to consult a physician prior to joining these classes.

During such medical examination, if it’s found out that you have optimum fitness condition, there’s little that you should worry about safety while taking self-defence training. But if the physician discovers that you have a prior injury or any kind of illness and advises you to refrain from certain exercises, you should talk them over with the instructor before starting the classes.

Won’t you get hurt?

Listen, in these classes, you will be experiencing simulated attacks; no one will actually attack you. In any precarious situation, you will feel a certain sense of adrenaline rush and inclined to certain physical moments; these classes will prepare you for that, and they are entirely simulated.

For instance, if the instructor pins you to the ground and puts their hands around your throat. They won’t actually squeeze them to choke you. Yes sometimes these simulations can get a little aggressive but in no way will they hurt you.

To get the best the best results from your self defence classes in Wollongong, it's essential that you work hard to get a desired physical condition, eat nutritious food and use techniques which relax you. Besides self-defence techniques, these are great for ensuring optimum mental and physical health. But that’s not all. They will also aid in your performance in self-defence training classes.

What kind of training do you join?

When choosing a self-defence class, it’s important to consider how quickly you are willing to learn and what style will best suit you. You also have to decide whether you want to schedule these classes regularly comprising of intensive training or learn self-defence on a weekly basis. For normal situations, these kinds of training help you to ascertain danger signs, how to channel you fear into protecting yourself and how to escape an attack.

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