You should regularly write down your dreams in a dream journal because all dreams help you solve your psychological problems. Your dreams contain precious messages sent by the wise unconscious mind.

You can submit your dreams for a professional translation and psychotherapy and find immediate support. You’ll successfully solve your main problems without wasting time.

You can also study my dynamic method of instant dream translation (derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation) and learn how to translate your dreams without depending on a dream translator. Begin by reading my free articles and follow my basic lessons. You’ll verify that the scientific translations really help you understand your psychological reality.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is a very serious practice. The scientific translations accurately translate the messages of the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams and works like a natural doctor.

This means that you will surely be helped by paying attention to the meaning of your dreams. You’ll never feel frustrated or disappointed.

I have helped many people though dream therapy since 1990. I wouldn’t live curing mental illnesses through dream translation if this process was not really effective. I had no intention to become a doctor. I became a psychiatrist and psychologist after discovering the unconscious wisdom that can cure all mental disorders because I had the moral obligation to help everyone with this miraculous treatment.

I’m able to cure severe mental illnesses through dream translation because the real doctor is not me. The real doctor is the wise unconscious mind that knows everything about everyone. I’m a helper who shows to all dreamers how to put into practice the unconscious guidance, after studying their life story and relating it to the dream messages.

You can verify that the scientific dream translations are real, and learn everything I know. I teach you how to become a professional dream translator like me.

The dream language is universal. All dream images have the same meaning for all dreamers. Therefore, you can easily learn how to translate dreams; unless you are suffering, and you cannot concentrate on studies. In this case my immediate translations will help you find support and solve your basic problems without delay.

You can also do both: submit a few dreams for translation, and study the dream language. You’ll faster learn the meaning of dreams, and immediately solve your problems. This is surely the best solution for you.

The meaning of your dreams is so important than when you’ll understand their value you’ll realize that this knowledge opens your third eye. You will be able to read people’s minds, predict the future, and even change the future development of reality.

The fact that you can prepare the future results you desire after predicting how the future will be unfolded is a tremendous advantage that you cannot evaluate right now. You have to see it happening into practice in order to really evaluate its benefits.

There are many different methods to predict the future, but none helps you change the future development of your reality when you predict that something bad will happen. Only the scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand how you can modify the facts when you predict a catastrophe, or an unpleasant experience.

On the other hand, you cannot really trust any method of future predictions because all methods are based on subjective criteria. They don’t have a scientific basis that you can understand. Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method you have many explanations. You understand why the future will happen as presented by the unconscious mind, and how you can prevent bad events.

The unconscious guidance in your own dreams is a spectacular advantage that helps you feel better from the beginning of your psychotherapy. The unconscious mind transforms everything in your life:

* Your personality,

* Your behavior,

* Your lifestyle,

* Your relationships,

* Your professional activities,

* Your social image,

* Your personal development.

The unconscious psychotherapy reaches all fields and levels. You won’t merely solve your psychological problems. You will find sound mental health that lasts for life. You will learn how to live happily. You will find real friends. You’ll discover your perfect match. You’ll have a perfect relationship with your partner. Everything will be better for you.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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