A safe hair transplant means the hair transplant with which the patient gets expected results with zero complication. Hair transplant is a type of surgery that aims to regain prior hair growth and density in the area of the scalp with limited or absent growth. In this surgery, the doctor surgically transfers hair follicles from the back of the head or dense hair area and transplants them in the recipient site. This treatment has two basic methods differentiated on the basis of extraction technique, including follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. As a large number of people losing hair at a much earlier age, baldness is becoming a rampant problem. Hair fall is a common problem among people of all ages. It can occur due to poor diet, increasing population, stress, illness, hormonal imbalance and the major factor is age. It may also be genetic.
As compared to the classic method follicular unit transplantation, direct hair implantation, and follicular unit extraction is considered as the safe hair transplant. FUT is also known as the unit strip surgery method. In this procedure, the doctor extracts the strip of the skin from the dense hair areas. This type of surgery involves a large incision and many stitches. While in follicular unit extraction, the surgeon extracts every hair individually and transplants them at the recipient site one by one. For replantation, the surgeon makes many tiny incisions and indirect hair implantation, the doctor does not need to make any incisions. The surgeon loads the extracted hair in a pen-like tool and a transplant the hair into the recipient site with a click. So, a large incision created in FUT leaves a significant scar at the donor site and there are more chances of infection and inflammation there. That is the reason. Follicular unit extraction and direct hair implantation are considered more safe hair transplant as compared to follicular unit transplantation.
Every method of hair transplant is considered as safe as long as the patient follows some necessary factors like choosing the doctor. To get a safe hair transplant done, a patient needs to visit an experienced, qualified, and board-certified surgeon. The doctor is the actual game changer. As it is a crucial surgery, it directly affects the looks and it involves many tiny incisions over the head. The doctor has to be very careful while replanting because he has to consider density, direction, and angle to give a natural look.
Although rare, there are some possibilities of complications that are associated with a safe hair transplant. In this surgery, scalpel and injections are used so the patient should keep in mind complexity. These rare chances also vanish when the patient follows the precautionary measures carefully, like avoid touching, rubbing, and scratching the incisions of the donor site and recipient site. The patient should also try to avoid direct sunlight because it can result in scarring and pigmentation However, it is always essential to understand the problems which are associated with this. It is because this can help the patients to eliminate their fears regarding this. Moreover, patients will be able to expect a healthy and good outcome from their hair transplant treatment. Above all, knowing about the predominant risks of hair transplant surgery will also help the patients to have a clear and honest conversation with their surgeon.
Every patient who goes for the treatment wants a safe hair transplant. It is mandatory for the patient to see a doctor to know, which hair transplant method will be safe for the patient. Every method has advantages over the other. Even in a suitable procedure, recovery depends on the patient’s physical reactions and healing ability and the outcome is never completely predictable. If you want to know more detail, click https://www.hairtransplantinpakistan.com/

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