A good driver is praised by all. Not because he can speed off well, but because he knows to drive safely. The virtues of a good driver are evident from the way he executes his skills. His defensive approach helps him avoid any collision that may otherwise cause fatal results. Here are some foolproof tips that will allow enthusiasts to drive vehicles with minimum risks. 

Taking a deeper look

The street and its surrounding should be visible to you. Experts opine that it takes almost 12-15 seconds to get a quick glimpse of the road ahead, especially while on an urban way. In case to be on rural roads, the driver will need to take a quick scan of roughly around 25 seconds. Driving lessons in Sydney should essentially direct a driver to focus on the road ahead. To stay on a safer side its best to always steer clear of everything at blind spots. As you take on the roads like a pro, get used to calculating your moves by following the mirror. Pay attention as much as you can to avoid abruptly bumping into another vehicle. Also, the speedometer should not be overruled. 

Make yourself visible

Driving a vehicle involves responsibilities. Low beams can be used as an alternative to “daytime running lamp”. When low beams are turned on, it means you are making yourself visible to other vehicles. Meanwhile keep the lightings systems clean so that they can emit light properly. To know more about safe driving you don’t have to expend too much. Rather you can look for cheap driving lessons in Sydney

Staying alert about potential hazards

The good driver doesn’t only know how well to drive but his ability to assess risks should also be considered primarily because he will have the ability to dodge any peril ahead. Staying prepared for impending threats by seeking evasive actions is certainly countable. Defensive movements are crucial when driving a vehicle. 

Protective space

Make space! That’s a golden rule of driving. When it comes to steering a vehicle ensure you have left enough space for your vehicle as well as others running through the same lane. Space should be created from all sides, front, back and sideways. This is considered a protective space so that your vehicle doesn’t collide with other cars. Also, a knowledgeable driver will leave considerable space between his vehicle and the one in front. Abrupt stopping is a big no unless you are forced to take this decision. However, it’s always advisable to leave some inches from the vehicle ahead. 


It’s better to anticipate about an impending occurrence. Before running your vehicle through a particular route, give yourself the assurance of not bumping into anything you have not imagined before. Before hitting the road, get your facts corrected. It’s risky to quickly change lanes on a road you are barely familiar of. Avoid taking sharp turns or intersection points which may bring you face to face with fatal consequences. Also don’t back away. Use those directional lighting on your vehicle to inform people about the presence of your vehicle or your forthcoming move. 


Driving properly by following safety rules adds to the credit of a driver who knows what exactly he should be doing while navigating the vehicle. Executing his knowledge about safe driving is crucial to avoid accidents from beforehand. 

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