Florida is a winter destination for many tourists from traveling from within the U.S and internationally. So many tourists either buy or hire RVs or boats to spend their vacation in this beautiful West-Atlantic state. With a year-on-year increase in visitor count, Florida state and especially the town of Stuart need services to cater to their vehicle parking and storage issues. This opens a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses in the area to start a boat and RV storage in Stuart. Not only is this a great time for capturing this great revenue stream, but also a service to the people of the town who are troubled by roadblocks and damage done by lawbreakers and unaware outsiders visiting the town during this time. RVs can be driven to different locations for parking, but most people who hire RVs for vacationing, don’t want to drive them but are just looking for a location to park it, enjoy their vacation in it and then leave for home. And, boats either need to be parked using a boat trailer or require expensive permits to be docked on a certain location in the water. So, the need for storage or parking solutions for boats and RVs are ever-present in coastal towns like Stuart. If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a boat and RV parking or storage location then you will need to include the following things in your business plan apart from investment, profit margins, time-based productivity, expenditure, etc.

Location or land is the commodity that you’ll be leasing. So the first consideration for your business plan will be your target location. You may consider examining factors like connectivity with roads, closeness to public facilities, closeness to the coast/beach and more. Your parking facilities must offer plenty of space to move the vehicles around safely to avoid accidents.

Following the Law
Securing an investment or a loan is largely dependent on whether if the selected location complies with the local law or not. Hence, local laws, paperwork, jurisdiction, building codes and zoning restrictions must be checked to ensure smooth transactions with the investing parties and financers. Any future constructions in the facility will also require examination before starting the business to avoid any set-backs at later stages.
Insurance cover
All vehicles parked or stored in your facility must have insurance to safeguard them from theft, fire, damage and other risks in the area. A suitable insurance broker must be contracted to look after all insurance-related claims. It is advised that the insurance costs should be included in the price of the monthly or yearly storage fees and communicated to the customer in detail.

The more services you offer in your facility, the more comfortable your customers will be. Hence, this gives you a reason for charging higher than some of your competitors offering lesser services. Although you must also analyze the services that may be a cost to your business over time and get rid of them. This need-based analysis will help you achieve acceptable competitive pricing. When it comes to payments, a full year's payment in advance will not only help you secure your payment upfront but also secure your investment from any damage-related claims on the business.

Implement Security Measures
While professional security services will help you ease the pain of managing security measures and maintaining safety, you will still have to fulfill a basic requirement of a modern camera surveillance service for their property. Fencing your facility’s boundaries is also a must for you to avoid break-ins and theft.

Securing financing
If everything from following laws to security measures has been strategically approved and planned in your business plan, then securing a loan for your business won’t be a problem. Even investors go to a great extent nowadays to research the business earnings and losses, before investing. So, keep your reporting details in check.

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