One of the most famous and popular brands in the wax industry is that of Meguiar. Meguiar has resisted the passage of time as a brand. Some of the post-market competitors, as well as the largest users of the product, have complained that Meguiar's has turned its back on the professional user market for the consumer market through its newest and largest customer, Wal -Mart. Many in the auto, aircraft and ship retail industries have even been critical of Meguair recently because they feel this is a slap in the face for the loyal operator who has paid premium prices for quality products and can now see those with the Meguiar brand on them. shelves.

We tested Meguiars RV and Boat product lines. What we like about Meguiar's line of RV and boat detailing products is that they've put together a step-by-step guide to different levels of rust, surfaces and paints. Its flagship soap number 65 is excellent, as is its wash gel (number 54) made for all gel coat surfaces. We consider these products to be somewhat expensive for a professional boat cleaning business and we admit that they work well but too expensive for a small 16 ounce bottle. Unless you buy it online, you will find the price outrageous at local marinas and boat shops such as the Marine West chain.

We enjoy the rolling action on surfaces after product use. Using in-line injection of a bucket of soapy water did not work very well. The product seemed very benign, so we don't think introducing a little soap into the water around the marina is a problem. In their cleaners and polishes for the marine industry, we are fine with these products, but we feel that once again we have paid a lot for them. Although "Star Brite" competition is also heavy on price points. I suppose assuming that boat owners are willing to pay more, since it's for a boat. We didn't see as much of a difference between these products from the marine industries as those from the Meguiar product line from the automotive industry. Maybe a few minor ingredient changes for UV gel coat protection and elegant repackaging, but you'll have to be the judge on that. airplane decals

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