In the beginning, RV campers have no idea from where they should start and how they can turn this experience into the best one? Camping always comes up with one lesson at a time and it’s important to focus on your skills every time you are attempting this activity. If you are driving RV for the first time then it can be nerve-wracking for you but it’s going to be fun as well.

Today here I am with RV packing tips beginners which can make your trip memorable and definitely you are going to enjoy this whole thing.


It’s extremely essential to have the right kind of tools in your RV to get rid of an emergency situation coming your way during the camping. No matter if you have an RV for rent or you have already bought it, never forget to keep the tools as the vehicle can ask for anything in the middle of nowhere from you. Always keep tire changing kit with you in RV as well as a wrench.
Always keep 4-way wrench and check tires before start driving. Make sure tires are in best condition to travel on the rough road even in the extreme conditions.

LED Lights

When you are traveling in the wilderness then the first thing which you should prepare yourself for is the night. Definitely, there will be no lights in the wild area and you must have enough lamps and LED lights in your RV to survive. You must have headlamps as well to prepare the right setup. You should also keep LED lantern in the RV which can be hung from the tree to show your presence.
Setting up the light in the wilderness with professionalism is a real challenge and you should have efficient LED lights to keep the place light up the whole night.

RV Load Limits

If you will take a closer look at the RV vehicle then you can see that the load must be mentioned on the vehicle. Make sure you are not exceeding that limit as it will be a big problem for you and performance will get affected. For the beginners, the first thing which should be in the mind is to keep the minimum amount of load in the RV and things which can use in your journey.
Keep it spacious as much as possible to enjoy the journey and to keep it simple.

Portable Power Station

The power station is one of the important equipment a camper can take advantage of. Choose a good portable power station for your RV to reduce energy. This power station is going to work through solar energy and will support your whole journey. This is one of the smartest moves you can make at the time of going camping.
Portable power stations are extremely easy to set up in emergency situations. It has numbers of output ports which can run fridge, television, sound system, wifi routers, and monitors through the power station.

Save From Bugs

When you are all set to drive RV, another thing to check in the vehicle is gaps and holes. Of course, when you are going in the wilderness then the first concern must be to stay safe in the vehicle. Check for any gaps or damage in the door through which bugs can enter into the vehicle. If you want to keep spiders and other bugs from the vehicle then use citrus smell.

Keep few sprays and powder formed insect killers and use them time to time to keep the bugs away from entering into your luggage and furniture.

Fuel Tank

At the time of planning a trip to some wild area where you can explore things and can enjoy the trip, make sure your fuel tank is never going low. Keep an eye on the indicator and make sure that those lights are working properly. In some of the cases, indicators show the wrong amount of fuel in the tank which can definitely create a lot of big trouble for you in the middle of the journey.

Never let your tank go down than ¼ even after going through all the traffic jams and stops. Be aware of the limit of your fuel tank and how much you can travel in this.


If you are driving RV for the first time then you should have organizers in the vehicle to keep things separate from one another. Organizers are the key to keep several things at their places like cooking utensils, tools and things of daily use. You can also use over door organizer to keep the RV spacious and to reduce the things as much as you can.

You can organize the limited space with the help of organizers and this thing is really helpful for the beginners.

A Test Drive

A test drive is extremely important to approve any RV. Definitely when you are going to buy the car then you need a test drive to check out the performance and whether you will be able to handle and maintain it or not? Take a smaller drive and analyze if this vehicle has everything you want to have in RV while going for the camping.

By the test drive, you will be able to understand how you are going to drive it on the roads and how you are supposed to turn it in the smallest lanes? So if you are a beginner and you are buying or renting our RV for the first time then it’s important to have a test drive and check your skills when it comes to this vehicle.


RV is an important vehicle to use when you are going out for camping and when you have to survive several days in the wilderness. This vehicle needs to be perfect and you must understand how to maintain things in it. Also, don’t avoid the load capacity as it is going to affect the performance of the vehicle. Make sure you are making this camping trip memorable.

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