Regular running is good for you in so many ways and you do not have to want to compete to benefit from joining a running club, using a running club app, having a coach. You can lose weight, get healthier, be physical and mentally in a better place and set your own goals you want to work towards. Running gives you more energy, improves your mood and is an affordable way to get fit and stay fit. Here are some preparation and technique running tips.

Preparing to run

Preparing is a good idea, it prevents injuries and helps you be as comfortable as you can when you are out there.

  1. Find or make a plan - your plan should include some short-term goals with a longer-term one. It might be to compete in a race or improve a time or the distance you do. You can get plans online, or you ask a coach for one.
  2. Make sure you are good to run physically - have any niggles or aches checked out to make sure you are not going to have potential injuries straight away.
  3. Take a look at a running club - you can join a physical club or an online running club and they can help with motivation, running tips, fun events and races and such. You will meet people who might be new to running or further along in achieving their goals.
  4. Get some good running shoes - whether you spend a little on your other running gear or not, it would really help if you could at least invest a little into your shoes. There are some shoes better for off-road and some for road running for example. A good pair of running shoes has a big impact on your comfort as you run. If possible buy from somewhere that lets you test the shoes before you buy. Some have in-store treadmills so you can run in them and see how they do.
  5. Do not wear your shoes too far down - another thing about shoes is that people have their favourite pair and want to keep using them far past when they should have got a new pair. A rough guide is to get new ones every 800 to 960 km, but things like running style, weight and terrain can impact that.

Techniques and tips to boost your performance

As well as using a running club app to help boost your performance there are some techniques you should consider learning that can also help.

  1. Follow a progressive and realistic training plan - The more you get out there the better your fitness and achievements but you need to follow a training plan that suits you and is realistic. That is why a coach is a great idea.
  2. Build up your strength - If you really want to get faster you also need to get stronger. Working on your leg muscles and core strength can help so vary your workouts so there is some strength training too in those areas.
  3. Add in speed intervals - Adding speed intervals to your training is a great way to get you faster and improve your form and it makes things more interesting!
  4. Improve your technique - One of the many benefits you get from joining an online running club is that there will be many people talking about how to improve your technique to improve your performance. You can learn from that. Having the right posture has quite an impact on your speed.
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