This rune is called Eh and came out in inverted position (it looks like an "M" upside down). It invites to start a journey towards our essence step by step. Shall we start?

The concept of Consciousness that most strongly resonates with me now is “that which accepts all and judges nothing.” If each one of us is an embodied hologram of that Consciousness, this rune invites us to explore how to experience that concept in human form.

Because this is a rune of earth, it whispers that the path shall be taken giving value and redeeming human nature, which we usually minimize as imperfect, sinful and astray. On the other hand, we are invited to let go of our expectations over the result and our need to see the horizon or the finish line. Here a phrase by Joseph Campbell comes to mind: “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path.”

Let’s begin with what “judging nothing” would be like. Even if judgment is a very human activity, this new paradigm invites us to leave that activity to move on to others that generate true expansion and joy. How to step out of the judging game of good and bad, right and wrong, and simply allow everything to be and exist without me judging it? An analogy that I've used as a tool for that is to see the world as a huge ice cream shop, where all flavors coexist in harmony. They are all available so that each one can choose freely their favorite flavor at any given time. (I invite you to read the article that describes that in detail on the link Sometimes we resist choosing our favorite flavor of ice cream for fear of what others might say; on this inner journey, the invitation is to explore whether the biggest resistance is to what others might say or what each one of us might say to ourselves…

Let’s move on to the “accepting all” part. How would we do that from our human selves, so used to denouncing the existence of so many things with the intention of making them disappear? Since we are being inspired by a rune that invites to go within, let’s pay attention to self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is a form of love. Love is the biggest magnet for positive changes in our lives. If we love and accept ourselves for who we are, we will attract circumstances and people who will reflect our self-love. It’s as simple as that. Where to start?

Let’s start with something simple. Right now, which parts of your body do you appreciate? Which parts do you appreciate because they function well? Which parts do you appreciate because they are healthy? Which parts do you appreciate because they are beautiful? Which parts do you appreciate because they allow you to do what you like? Which parts do you appreciate because they give you pleasure? Which parts do you appreciate because they make you unique?

I now invite you to think of a part of your body that you don’t like, that you don’t appreciate at this moment. Imagine that part as being a little 4 year old kid. What does that part tell you in its tiny little voice? Are you willing to listen to what it has to say? Is it suffering because of your lack of appreciation? Does it have any message to give you? Is it ill because it is the only way to call your attention to it? Seen in that way, can you feel a little love for that part now? Can you love it a little more? And a bit more? And just because you can, a little more?

This path of experiencing “accepting all and judging nothing” requires patience, it isn't linear and it doesn't happen in an instant. It's not about doing it perfectly either, it is rather about valuing and celebrating each time we are able to do it.

Shall we join our intention of experiencing this expansion of consciousness together this week?

Until next time!

Author's Bio: 

Following her Scorpio eagerness for the esoteric, Argentinian Carolina Iglesias found in the Futark Runes a tool of connection between the visible and her powerful intuition. English was the key to access tools that link the occult and daily experiences. She attended several teleseminars and classes where she acquired multiple consciousness tools and even developed her own. Her training continues with Elyse Hope Killoran’s powerful programs. Her multiple and expansive ways of BEING are described in English and Spanish on the website