Celtic tattoos have a rich language in terms of their own symbolism and character, which makes it possible to represent a multitude of ideas based on the classical symbology of this culture.

It also has many legends and well known mythological scenes that have permeated the society of our days, so we can find representations of Celtic symbols more often than we can imagine. Thanks to this, we will have quite easy access to the information necessary to design a good Celtic tattoo without problems.

For many people from the European areas where the Celtic peoples lived (north of the Iberian Peninsula, Scotland, Ireland ...) the Celtic symbols are important for their culture and traditions, as they connect with their ancestors or feel identified with that culture. This means that having a Celtic tattoo allows them to connect with ancestral civilizations that cover the territories of the Irish, Scottish, Galician and Gaelic territorial areas.

Professional tattooists base Celtic tattoo designs on traditional Celtic art using many intertwined geometrical figures in which the predominant color is black but can be combined with red, blue and green and by working hard on the textures of rock and moss, as well as of metals and wood.

We can also find objects that are not necessarily typical of Celtic art, have adapted to traditional symbols, for example we see many anchor tattoos that are based on the original form and are decorated with Celtic symbols and runes, thus getting a Celtic tattoo that originally it did not exist.

Celtic Symbols For Most Common Tattoos

The symbolism of Celtic tattoos is usually associated with strength, good luck, protection, union, life, nature, war and the mother. These tattoos are requested in the same way by men as by women, being the most requested the Celtic cross, the solar cross, the trisquel, the triqueta, the tree of life, the Celtic knot, the clover, the Celtic spiral and being able to be located in any part of the body.

Although the Celtic culture developed in Europe, nowadays its manifestations and expressions have become popular all over the world being one of the tattoos that seem to go out of style.

Meaning of Celtic Tattoos and Their Symbols

Celtic tattoos are one of the most popular because even though they are abstract figures, the symbolism of them allows the possessor to connect with his past and the nature of it gives us very elaborate tattoos.

Celtic Tattoos, Galician, Runes And Protection Symbols

Among the most requested is the Cruz Celta tattoo where the Christian cross is combined with a circle that is located at its intersection and whose meaning is the same as the Catholic cross but for pagan cultures symbolizes the sun or the moon.

Another of the symbols used is the trisquel whose figure represents the sacred Celtic trinity and its meaning varies according to the approach we want for our tattoo, because for Christian tattoos it represents the sacred trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; but for paganism it is the link of the past, present and future; but it can also symbolize the balance between mind, body and soul.

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