You have to fight for what you want but what if you do not have the right tools, power or time to fight. You will loose the fight before it starts. What is the meaning of forcing yourself to succeed when you are not ready? It is always better to succeed tomorrow instead of failing today.

Runaway from Your Problems

Running away from your problems is the last advice, you can get from any one. You are not supposed to run away from your problems, you have to solve them to move on.

Actually, there is not only way to succeed. A research by Julie McCarthy, associate professor of organizational behavior at UTSC and Tracy Hecht, of Concordia University found that; forcing yourself to focus on a problem, cause more problems as a result of stress, over-exhaustion and lack of recovery time.

What do you need to succeed?

• Self-confidence
• Inspiration and creativity
• Knowing what to want

We have to play various roles at the same time in life. There are always different responsibilities of these roles. Unfortunately, it is hard to put them in order of importance sometimes. At least we have a job, a family, parents and home. Family is at the top of the list but that does not change anything because each of them linked with one another.

Although life is easier than it was 50 years ago, there is still 24 hours to accomplish daily responsibilities and solve the problems. Among these problems and responsibilities, it is easy to loose motivation, feel unconfident, forgot what you actually want and be unhappy and dissatisfied.

You can focus on your weaknesses to find where you made a mistake or, why you have not succeeded. What would you suggest? Maybe it is better to run away.

Ignore Some of the Problems

Ignorance neither decreases the problems nor solves them. They are still the same. You may feel guilty when you run away but you will feel better when you come back for more.

• If you can ignore some problems, you will have time for others. You cannot stop the time, can you? Is there any other way to have more time to solve the problems and succeed? If you cannot live the day longer, it is always better to decrease the number of problems, to have more time for each of the solutions.

• When you decrease the number of the problems you have to solve at the same time, you will not have to motivate yourself every time you shift from one problem to others. Your motivation will increase and you will focus on one problem and find better solutions.

• When you solve one of the problems, you will feel more confident and powerful. Feeling powerful takes you closer to success. You will rediscover your strengths and focus on them, instead of your weaknesses. You will become more confident when you feel powerful.

• Improving self-confidence will help you become more creative. You will trust the ideas you have to solve the problems.

• You will have time and confidence to decide what you actually want. When you discover your actual dreams and desires, you will notice that some of the problems are not as hard as you think.

• As you solve a problem, you will feel happy and happiness will charge your batteries. You will have more energy to move on. You will have a different view and you will notice more possibilities and turn them into opportunities. Happiness makes everything possible.

What will you do in your spare time?

Now, there are fewer problems and more time. You have time for yourself. This is the time to be more creative to get what you want. You should define your goals better and stop overloading yourself with problems or responsibilities.

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Nil Celen is an investigator for the proofs of "Mind Power" and how to improve it, based on scientific resources.

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