The Harram is the dream destination for the entire Muslim Ummah without any discrimination of men and women. The Allah does not prevent any of the Muslim from visiting the House (Kaaba) other than certain specific situations. Muslims regardless of sex, caste, creed and nation are always welcomed in the Makkah. Umrah is the journey to the Makkah which the Muslim can undertake at any time during the year. Although it is not obligatory, yet it is highly preferred rite in Islam. Umrah packages 2015 are offered for the Muslims from almost every corner of the world.

There are different rulings about the performance of Hajj and Umrah depending upon the situation nature of circumstances. Certain rulings are just regarding the women, as the problems and situation of the women altogether differ from the men. When it is the matter of a pregnant woman, there is no reason why a pregnant woman should not perform the Umrah. A pregnant woman is in a state of purity, she has to pray and fast, and if she is divorced by Talaaq, her divorce is acceptable according to the Sunnah. She can perform the Umrah during her pregnancy as well.

It is narrated in the Sunnah that Asma bint Umays R.A, went out for Hajj with the Prophet, peace be upon him when she was pregnant and approaching full term, and she gave birth at the Meeqat. It is further narrated by the Ayesha R.A that she gave birth to a boy, name Muhammad ibn Abi Aakr, at the place of Sharjah and the Prophet, peace be upon him, told Abu Bakr to tell her to do ghusl and enter Ahram. Narrated by Muslim, 1209.

If a woman is undertaking the Umrah, then her pregnancy is no excuse for her to be restrained for the performance of the same. She can avoid the places where there is too much crowding and pushing and shoving. If she cannot perform Tawaf and Saee, then she can do so in a wheelchair, and or assign anyone on her place to perform the same. Many people manage to do Umrah in comfort without any hardship.

A woman who is pregnant and trustworthy doctors tell her that going for Umrah will pose a risk to her or her baby because she is sick or weak or for some other reason, then she should be prevented from performing Umrah that year. This is indicated by the words of the Prophet: “There should be no harming nor reciprocating harm.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 2340)

Nowadays the Umrah package suppliers are making each arrangement regarding the issues arising in any medical situation of the pregnant ladies. The pregnant women can perform their Umrah easily now with the help of Umrah packages 2015.

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