Throughout the past several years, many Americans have purchased timeshares. This is no secret because, this influx of timeshare buyers has helped many timeshare developers make a name for themselves in the industry through exponential growth. However, is this influx of timeshare property buyers due to broken rules on the timeshare salesman's behalf?

This was a question that was asked a few years ago due to the overwhelming amount of consumers who are upset with their timeshares. With low customer satisfaction rates, it didn't make sense that these companies were growing at such an incredible rate. So, a few scholars got together and started performing studies. The studies were to see what was making Americans so unhappy about their timeshares.

What these studies found was astonishing. The outstanding growth displayed by many timeshare developers was found to be because of aggressive and forceful sales tactics. This means that these studies found that millions of timeshare owners may have been victimized by timeshare property developers and salesman. There were a few findings that were shocking:

The first shocking thing that these studies pointed out about the timeshare sales process was the psychological affects that long timeshare tours had on Americans. It was shown that Americans who were involved in tours longer than 90 minutes felt more of a sense of urgency to purchase the timeshare without rational thought. This made it seem as though the long tours were a trap. So, to stop any more people from being victimized by long tours, it is now unlawful for a timeshare sales representative to allow anyone to sign a timeshare property contract following a tour that lasted longer than 90 minutes.

Another shocking factor of the timeshare property sales process that was found through these studies was that timeshare property sales representatives were using blatantly obvious forceful sales tactics. One of the most common of these was creating a false sense of urgency. To do this timeshare property sales representatives would tell Americans that if they did not buy the timeshare property that day they may never get that chance again. Because Americans have a natural fear of loss, losing an opportunity is something that no one wants to do. Because of the psychological affects of such statements, these days, it is unlawful for timeshare sales representatives to use them during the sales process.

There are quite a few more examples of issues with the timeshare sales process that I could give Americans. However, I would rather spend the time I have left in this article letting people know what to do if they feel as though they have been victimized. With that said, for those consumers who have been victimized by timeshare property developers and sales representatives, I would suggest doing a bit of research on the timeshare cancellation topic. timeshare cancellation is the process of deeding a timeshare property back to the developers based on discrepancies in the sales process and contract associated with the timeshare. The great part is that the laws set in place are retroactive. Therefore, even the Americans who were victimized before these laws came into affect can enjoy the same relief!

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