Rubber flooring is considered an ideal flooring option for both domestic and commercial projects. The incomparable growth of science and technology has contributed widely to different fields. Flooring options have also widened simultaneously. Today it is possible to use different types of flooring in different alluring patterns and designs.

Most of the people prefer to use rubber flooring as it has a number of advantageous properties in addition to its magnificent appearance. Unlike the earlier days, this unique flooring option has evolved over the years with the growth of technology.

Reasons for Its Growing Usage

Diverse varieties: It is one of those flooring options which have diverse varieties in terms of colors, patterns, designs and textures. No longer do people have to choose the standard black colored mats or sheets. Assortments of colors are available in many of the leading online stores at unbelievable price rates.

Durable: Rubber flooring is known to be long-lasting as it is resistant to chemical spills and burns. It is also resistant to wear and tear unlike the other flooring options. It is believed to last for around thirty years.

Easy to clean: It is quite easy to clean and maintain this particular floor covering since it is water resistant. It can be mopped with a mild cleaning product. Some of the online stores offer special cleaners to clean these floor coverings easily.

Less maintenance: Rubber flooring hardly requires any type of maintenance as it need not be sealed or waxed like granite or marble floor coverings. These floor coverings do not require polishing or waxing even after several years of usage.

Non-porous surface: This unique floor covering is quite dense and non-porous which negates the possibility of water seepage.

Recyclable: After considerable usage, rubber flooring need not be discarded, it can be easily recycled. It is therefore eco-friendly as it helps to conserve the natural resources of the earth.

Sound insulator: It is also popular for its sound-absorbent properties. It can be installed in playgrounds, gymnasiums and health centers.

Comfortable floor cover: Rubber flooring offers comfort and resilience. It is used in places where people are required to stand for a long time like health centers, laboratories, electronic showrooms and so forth.

The Different Options Available

Mats: Rubber flooring is available in the form of mats. It can be laid easily on the existing floor covers. As it is known for its anti-slip features, it can be used to cover slippery areas. These mats can be moved around when required. It is available in different thicknesses and colors to suit any type of décor.

Tiles: This flooring cover is also available in the form of tiles which can be laid on the floor. However, rubber tiles are suitable for dry areas as water can seep below the tiles.

Sheets: One of the most common and widely used forms includes the rolls or sheets. Sheets are commonly used for commercial purposes, though it is also used in homes these days. An alluring variety of patterns can be bought from online stores at attractive price rates.

Today rubber flooring is considered to be one of the most versatile floor covering options available both in the offline and online stores.

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