There are many RPG PC games available online. For the mystery fan who wants to play the detective, Agatha Christie's computer adaptations of novels are a great way to practice your detective skills on the chair. In this article, you'll find details on some great examples of the mysterious detective RPG genre.

In the Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There RPG PC games, the protagonist is a new character created specifically for these games. While in the original Agatha Christie stories some parts of the story do not always contain the protagonist, the developers of the game designed these 2 role-playing PC games, which think of the player's role, and added adjustments to each new character. This gives the games a central role.
Agatha Christie's murder in the Orient takes place in the famous luxury train. As a new character, Antoinette, you are working with the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot to investigate the murder of this notorious platoon. All passengers quickly become suspicious and with the advice of your mentor Poirot you have to use your little gray cells to find clues and use your track to catch the killer. Unlike the original story, Hercule Poirot was injured because he could not get out of his sleeping car, and allowed you to take on the role of the detective by collecting clues, interviewing suspects, and gathering information. puzzling to solve the puzzles, and how the murder was committed.
Agatha Christie's and Were None is a thriller about a dozen foreigners who have been invited to a luxurious country house on a deserted island. Through a phonographic recording of her mysterious host, they are all charged with the murder, and he further states that he will do them justice. One by one, the ten humans are reduced by a brilliant and invisible killer. Since the eleventh character is stranded on the island, you must use your detective skills to find the killer. The new role in which you play, And then there was none, is Patrick Narracott. In your role as an independent observer, you must play the detective. This includes intercepting conversations, collecting items, and finding clues that help you find the killer. They also have the added excitement of knowing that everyone on the island is both the potential killer and the victim, where the islanders are taken one by one.

Red herrings and closed areas (which in these examples cut off the imprisoned Orient Express train and an isolated island off the mainland) are smart devices that Agatha Christie uses in his classic stories. But they are also very useful devices in these downloadable computer games. As with all RPG PC games, this is not a test of your physical abilities or combat skills, but a tactical challenge that requires another empty game, such as collecting and manipulating objects, debugging, and deciphering pauses. -tête. Both games have a great appeal for role-playing fans and mystery killers.

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