Maxing out the muscle when training at home, everybody it seems wants to train with a routine that offers the maximum amount of return for time and energy spent. If you are a home trainer with limited facilities to train with. Possibly no lat machine, leg press, or leg extension apparatus. Pek deks and Scott curl bench are beyond the financial reach. But here are some things you simply must acquire, even if you have to make them yourself.
First you should have a flat bench with weight support stands. All the better if it is an adjustable flat/incline bench, but certainly a basic flat bench is essential. The only other absolute must is a pair of squat stands. These can be bought for under $100, but many youngsters have been able to make their own squat stands out of wood, or got a friend or relation to make a set for them. The point to bear in mind is that without these important training aids, you can’t really progress in either the squat of the bench press, both of them standard basic exercises. Needless to say, you will also need a 6 foot (110cm) bar and a pair of 16 inch (40 cm) dumbbell rods, and enough weight discs to challenge you in the heaviest exercises.
Here is a very good, proven beginner’s routine that will get you growing and keep you growing for some time. Do not make the mistake of thinking that more is necessarily better. More people have gained more muscle on abbreviated weight programs than on any other system. This last sentence is so important, because it is true; more people have gained more muscle on abbreviated weight programs than any other system.
Basic Routine follows as specified below;
• Warm – Up 1 minute rope jumping
• Press Behind Neck 3 x 8
• Squat 3 x 8
• Bench press 3 x 8
• Bent Over Rowing 3 x 10
• Calf Raise 3 x 25
• Barbell Curl 3 x 10
• Triceps Stretch 3 x 12
• Sit – Ups 3 x 20
Incredibly the above schedule can prove super effective for even the intermediate or advanced bodybuilder, at least for a 3 to 6 month period. Of course better progress will be made if you have a calf raise machine for calf work in the above schedule. If you do not have access to one, then do the next best thing, hold a loaded barbell across the back of your shoulders for added resistance.
In the next blog, we will cover a more advanced super routines, however, until then give the beginner routine a try, you won’t be disappointed. For more information on any of the exercises mentioned, please visit the exercise section of Smart Physical Workout.

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