Room Clearing and Cleansing

Room clearing and cleansing can help shift and remove any stagnant, negative energies that have built up in a room and could be effecting your energies. Just as physical clutter, dust and dirt builds up in a room so too does the non-visible stuff. It is important to keep the positive flow of energy flowing.

Negative energies can come from other people who have been in the room, this could be recently or over a long period of time. Any negative emotions people feel and express can linger long after they have left the room. This is particularly so of emotions like anger and hate, the energy is very heavy and dense and can collect in a room, especially in corners.

It is also possible for negative energies to form from technology; smart phones, TV's, microwaves, etc. -these all emit negative energies. We are also subject to the energies around us in the air that contain chemicals and toxins, for example, cleaning products, personal products, etc.

Many people think that second hand items can also carry energies, so it's a good idea to clean the energy around anything you bring into your home or your space that has belonged to someone else previously.

Some Ways of Cleansing:
Smudging- you can use sage or any other cleansing herb bundle you like for this purpose. For more information on smudging check out my previous blog post- smudging
Incense- this is used in a similar way to smudging, but you don't need to move the incense stick around as you do a smudge stick, just let the smoke from the incense spread around the room.
Salt- place salt in the corners and across threshold of doors. I usually leave it overnight. Salt can also be used for protection against negative energies entering you house if placed over the main door threshold.
Ring a bell or use a Tibetan Singing bowl- the vibration from these will break through and clear negative energies.
Selenite crystals- selenite is a wonderful clearing crystal, place some near your workspace, or wherever you feel negative energies may collect. You can also use them to cleanse an item.
Plants-there are many plants that can help clear the air, spider plants, peace lilly, ficus, snake plant, aloe vera, etc. These often remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the air.
Reiki- I always use the Cho Ku Rei symbol to cleanse and create sacred space. You can draw it in the air on walls, doors, furniture, etc. Set your intention for the energy and draw the symbol.

Try a few different ways and see what works for you. You'll soon notice the lighter, fresher energies in your room when you cleanse regularly.

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