Everyday is an opportunity to find romantic things to do for a girl. It’s time we live up to the legacy of all the Romeos and Don Juans that came before us. Don’t just settle for simple text messages or cheesy greeting cards! We can all do better than that!

If you’re ready to step up your game, check out these romantic things to do for a girl!

1) Flowers, Not By The Dozen.

A bouquet of flowers is no big deal. Girls expect it and are pretty much immune to its effect. However, when used in a different way, flowers can deliver a powerful message.

Instead of buying a dozen roses or lilies (whatever the girl’s preference may be), why don’t you pick flowers which have a definite meaning to them? Then leave one flower each in places she least expects, along with a note that speaks of its meaning.

You can leave one on her bed or one pressed between the pages of her favorite book. Just be sure to sign your name lest she mistakes you for a stalker!

2) Be Chivalrous.

One of the romantic things to do for a girl is to be considerate of her needs. Take a page from the guys who lived a few hundred years back and make use of your chivalry card.

Respect a girl’s independence and capabilities, but don’t leave her to cross the street alone or to struggle with her groceries. Walk a girl to her car or to her cubicle; even if it’s just around the corner. Practice the whole “ladies first” mantra; unless of course, you’re heading for danger. Open the door for her before you push your way inside the restaurant.

Of course, being chivalrous doesn’t mean you have to be a girl’s slave. Be romantic, not desperate.

3) Use Your Creativity To Express Your Love.

There are many other romantic things to do for a girl. Here, you can let your imagination fly and make the most of your resources.

Some guys like to serenade their girl outside her apartment. Others have high-flying jets spell out their affections in the air. Not all romantic things to do for a girl have to be expensive. If your budget is tight, you can spell it out on a cake instead, or have a restaurant custom-make a fortune cookie to your exact instructions.

There are tons of romantic things to do for a girl. They don’t have to cost a fortune, although it would be nice if you have money to spend. It’s the thought and the effort that counts. Just be sincere with your emotions and that will be enough.

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