With the romantic week just around the corner, everyone is searching through the websites looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date. People want to be thoughtful and appreciative of their partners but get stuck when creativity comes into play. They are not able to come up with a brilliant idea every single year that will blow the socks off their partner.

This is the main reason why we have compiled a list of all the wonderful and romantic things to do in Bangalore this Valentine’s Day so that you do not have to scour the internet but are able to find them all in one place. No need to go for the typical chocolates and flowers since you will be able to find some brilliant ideas here.

Follow these ideas and make your Valentine’s Day special and surprise your loved one with an idea that is far away from the conventional ones.

Relationship Scrapbook

If your partner is really into the arts and crafts, make a scrapbook of all the memories that you have of your relationship. Collect all the pictures that you have of each other and paste them onto a scrapbook. Below the pictures, write down what you liked the most about that memory.

When you gift this to your partner, it will show that you are really caring and paid attention to all the little things in your relationship. This treasure of memories will also serve as a base standard for all the further anniversary and special occasion gifts.

Yoga Classes

If you and your partner are trying to get into better shape, what better way than to sign up for yoga classes this Valentine’s Day? Your body will get the required amount of relaxation and also you will forget about the woes and stress of the outer world for an hour every day.

This way, you will spend the much-required time with your partner as well as take care of your body. Once you build this habit of going to a yoga class with your partner, you can incorporate other things that you can do together like join a gym.

Cook Delicious Food

If you have never cooked food before, you should start taking cooking classes right about now so that you are able to surprise your soulmate with home-cooked food. Try to learn how to cook your partner’s favorite dish.

On Valentine’s Day, light up candles in your house and set the mood right with some music. Have a table set for two and then bring out the magic. If you are good at dancing, take your partner in your arms and sway to the sound of music.

Spontaneous Long Drive

It does not matter whether you have a destination in your mind. All that matters is that the two of you are together and have a sense of adventure in your hearts. Try to go someplace that the two of you have never been before so that you can make some new memories that you’ll both remember. This travel experience will be quite good for your relationship.

Pack up a picnic basket and when you find a nice spot, park your car on the side of the road and munch on the sandwiches. Take a ton of pictures of the day and you will always look back to this day when you see the open road ahead of you.

Alternatively, you can look for various events in your city and hit them up. For instance, if you are a resident of Bangalore, you can look for different events in Bangalore and spend some quality time there.

Invite Your Friends Over

Host a game night for all your friends at your home. This way, you can spare your friends from coming up with a date idea for Valentine’s Day too and everyone can enjoy the day together. Everyone can play games where you can either pit the couples against each other or switch up the partners for a more fun time.

You can keep rewards for the winners and see which couple ends up getting the most gifts. Another fun idea for the game night could be a game that tests the compatibility of the couples. Things can get quite interesting in the last one.
Recreate Your First Date
If possible, you can recreate the first date that you had with your partner. Try to repeat everything that you did on your first date and recount all the memories that you had with your partner there.

This will remind your partner of all the good times that you had on your first date. You can even laugh about how awkward you might have felt when you first met each other. Recounting old memories can always be fun.

Have A Day at The Spa

There is nothing better than treating yourself and your partner to a spa day. You can spoil yourself and your partner with a day of pampering so that the upcoming Valentine’s Day becomes unforgettable with new memories that you create that day.

When your body is purely relaxing at the spa, you attain a new level of intimacy with your partner. You and your partner will connect on a spiritual level and a deep emotional connection will be forged.
Dating A Boss Lady? No Problem
If both you and your partner are deeply engrossed in your career, you can also check out some corporate events in your vicinity. Both of you will learn something new and might have the chance to develop a new skill.

You can even choose a course that the two of you have been looking forward to taking up. You can help each other grow and it will end up being good for your relationship.

If the love is strong between you and your partner, you do not need to plan elaborate dates for your loved one. The understanding between your two has to be strong enough to survive the hurdles of life. Just planning simple things for your partner will ensure that the two of you can stand the test of time. Have a simple dinner and make sure that you listen to what your partner has to say. Make sure that they are heard and you will end up having the best Valentine’s Day of your life.

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