Award Winning poet uses the language in a matter with absorbs all the moments in their lives that makes them who they are today. It may be even the loss of someone dear to them, which makes home into the poem in the form of tears. It may also be moments of absolute bliss that they have felt and want to capture the moment to share with the world, and a poem gives them the power to capture that moment in time. The poetry an Award Winning Poet creates is endowed with the intricate feelings that flows through his/her heart and veins.

A romantic suspense novel is a literary genre where the primary focus is on the relationship and romantic love between two people. The main plot of the novel, that is, the central conflict and climax, is directly related to the core theme of romantic love between the protagonists. The romantic suspense genre is a sub genre of the romance novel. At the centre of the plot is a suspense or intrigue that the main characters or the protagonist has to solve. The romance element comes from the woman who is one of the protagonists and the relationship that develops between her and the hero. The heroine is presented as a victim of a crime or even an attempted crime and she embarks on a journey to solve the mystery.

Romantic suspense is all time favorite read. Romantic suspense basically focuses on relationship between two people and suspense which revolves around them. The pivotal plot or theme of the novel is directly related to two main protagonist of the novel. Romantic suspense is specially written targeting to women readers. It is believed women surpass men when it comes to reading romantic suspense.

The romance novel comes under the broader and more diverse literary genre known as women’s fiction. Women’s fiction deals with any kind of fiction written for female readers. It can deal with romance, suspense, contemporary issues, relationships and marriage. Novels dealing with the issues faced by modern women in contemporary society are often grouped under chick lit.

Chick lit is another category of women’s fiction. These books make for light casual reading and are read by women of all ages. Chick lits usually revolve around women oriented stories and deal with women’s issues in a light hearted and humorous manner. In chick lits the main protagonist is a woman who is a professional trying to deal with the odds of life by herself.

Chick lit is a type of fiction which focuses on women folk and issues pertaining to them but the entire set up of the novel is kept very light.

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