Romantic suspense is not a fad .This is kind of liter literature which exist all time. Romantic suspense is a particular kind of literature which rotates around romance and mystery. Such literature has two pivotal characters belonging to opposite such literature are based on the pretext where the heroine is depicted as innocent entity. Such heroines are generally victims or sufferer. In the meanwhile hero arrives and saves his lady love. Such novels are different from other genre of love novels as the relationship between the hero and heroine is not only based on romance but this relationship has to undergo some amount no mystery.

Mexico City has always been an admirer of such liter literature. A large portion of readers in this city prefer such romantic novels which are also clubbed with some amount of mystery. Some of the bestselling books in Mexico City are romantic suspense’s. There is a considerable portion of population who want very easy going and liter literature.

Romantic suspense authors are always in great. These novels are highly preferred by women since they basically appeal to womanhood. Such writing commands certain technique which is generally called Zeigarnik effect. This is based on the principle that we remember unfinished task more easily than finished task. A romantic suspense authors basically writes about the psychological and social impact of the negative consequences. They don’t talk about the root of the crime rather they write about the sufferings of the crime which is inflicted on innocent people in the novel.

Romantic suspense novel are something which never goes out of fashion. Its readership is always there to accept it. Basic reason for their being famous is that those literatures are not very intellect. They deal with liter issues of women. Such books are based on relationships and romance between two people. This makes it interesting and admired by readers. Romantic suspense novel are also called women literature.

Romantic suspense fiction focuses on plot rather than on characters. Such novels are not only famous for the relationships and the sufferings inflicted on the character of the novel but it romantic suspense fiction deals with mystery and thrill and at the end exposure of the mystery.

Chick lit is another genre of literature which never goes out of the trend. Chick is basically an American slang language. Such literatures are targeted to young readers who don’t want very high end intellectual literature. Chick lit deals with only women issues. Such literatures are different from traditional women literature where the women are depicted as the victim or sufferer of the situation. Here it deals with regular day to day life of women especially of the age group of 20 to 30.The entire books talks about their want, objective in life, happiness, sufferings, like, dislike, their day to day life struggle etc.

Women’s fiction has evolved a lot. Today’s women lit are different than traditional counterparts. They don’t typically talk about love and relationships. It deals with wholesome aspects of women life and issues such as money, sex, career, struggle, motherhood, birth control, aging etc. Certain controversial issues which writers always prevented to write are also now getting room in women’s fiction.

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