Romantic suspense books have captured the imagination of young women all over the world. They blend the elements of both romance and suspense in equal absorbing proportions. They form the major chunk of chick lit and women’s fiction. Both award winning poet and bestselling authors resort to writing romantic suspense novels. Romantic suspense authors make a great buck in their careers. Their books sell like hot cakes during all seasons among young women. The ability to blend both the elements of romance as well as suspense thriller into one single novel or book or work of fiction indeed requires a lot of hard work and intelligence to appeal to the reader.

The authors are required to use their creativity to generate and plant new situations in the book which have both romance and suspense in them, and the romance part and the suspense part has to be equally exaggerated and highlighted to capture the interest and fascination of the reader. A tremendous amount of real-life knowledge and experiences go a long way in making romantic suspense novels bestselling suspense thrillers. Romantic suspense books can become popular easily and be sold in millions of copies and can be made into films and TV serials, they are solid material for engrossing TV daily soaps and films. The romance part should absorb the reader separately and the suspense part separately.

The Internet opens a whole new world of opportunities for award-winning poet and romantic suspense authors in the field of chick lit and women’s fiction, with the translations of these romantic suspense novels being psychologically thrilling and hence enjoyed in any language, thus bringing the author global opinions and global recognition, encouraging the authors to pen many more psychological romance-suspense thrillers. These romantic-suspense thrillers go a long way in dealing with different types of women, not only their physical characteristics but their mental makeup as well, their romance lives, and their adventure life, and the difficulties they encounter while surviving, hence gaining instant popularity among women as mostly they are books written by women for women on women in a hugely male-dominated world.

These romance-suspense thrillers serve both as mystery books as well as romantic novels, and hence retain interest in reading in a hardware book format, and every library is stocked and stacked with these books, which sustains the business and purpose of a library. Young teenaged women still visit libraries only due to the presence of such books and children may be due to the presence of comics. The reading habit is cultivated in young women because of these books, whose authors, needless to say, are on the direct path to becoming bestselling authors and award-winning writers; otherwise, people are fast losing interest in reading in this digital age with no time to spare for reading.

So, go ahead and read these tales packed with excitement of suspense, action, and romance; fueled by passion and sparked by danger, with settings of danger and suspense and romance of course with heart-racing romance against the backdrop of danger and suspense, making the characters comes face-to-face with reality. Stories are set in international settings, taking the reader to settings, which are not at all local but global. The main aim was to focus on the characters, and suspense and romance should very much always be in the background. The mystery should be uncovered by the characters to find romance, which is character driven.

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Jane Rosenthal is an Award winning poet , romantic suspense author of romantic suspense books , romantic suspense novels, Chick lit, romantic suspense, romantic suspense fiction and women’s fiction in Mexico City. She is also a radio journalist and an educator.