Have you ever been accused of not being romantic enough? While most guys tend to think that they are romantic, most simply aren't. Most guys, rightfully so, tend to caution on the side of being safe for the fear of stepping over the line of normal manly behavior. The truth is that women need romance. Not only do they see it as a sign that you really care about her romantically but romance is an important ingredient of love for the female psyche. Just to be clear, romance and sex is not synonymous either so if you want to be romantic you will have to learn to very important things.

Firstly, you will have to get creative. Chocolate and flowers simply won't cut it for most women. You need to get creative and come up with unique and very personal ways to be romantic.

Secondly, you will have to make it a priority. Being romantic is not a luxury in your relationship. Its a necessity and even though you don't really feel the need for it your girlfriend most certainly does.

So, what can you do to score some serious brownie points for being the most romantic guy on the planet? There are no real rules and anything goes. You don;t need to spend a lot of money either. Its the idea that counts. Buying her a pink Ferrari would be great but it probably won't mean as much as giving her an engraved necklace with a very personal message.

Have you ever promised your girl the moon and stars? Why not proof it? You can actually "buy" a star and name it after her - or name it after the both of you to seal your eternal love for each other.

A romantic weekend away is probably one of my favorites because it usually goes along with stuff guys also like. Find a remote location and do not tell her where you are going. A big part of the romance is the mystery and the surprise.

When it comes to special days like anniversaries, Valentines day and birthdays you really have to be switched on. Girls expect a lot on these days and what makes it even worse is that they tend to "compare" the size of their gifts amongst their friends. If you cannot compete with size then you need to make sure you compete with creativity. One black rose from the Borneo forest is worth much more than 50 red roses from the local florist.

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