What happen to those days where you would bat those luscious eyes or lick your lips just to grab his attention? Gentlemen, what about you? When was the last time you wrote that little love note expressing your deepest feelings for her? Perhaps even bought the little gift or flowers to show her you were thinking of her? Romance has died in your relationship and this essay will help you kick it back into gear. Well of course you need to want it; but first you need to actually do something about it! You must get off your butt and start doing, instead of just sitting there thinking about it!

Gentlemen, I’m going to start with you. Here’s a few ideas to kick up the romantic atmosphere in your love life.

* Bring her flowers or treat just because. Now think about it, not just any flower or treats; what
about her favorites….

* Leave little notes on the mirror, or in her purse: You’re Beautiful, Sexy, I love you, Thank you
for your love. You get the idea…..

* Offer her a massage or rub her feet, shoulders…..and not assume you will get sex. If you do
terrific, but the main focus is her pleasure and relaxation showing her you care…

* Text, or call her just to say you miss her and love her and even desire her….

* Verbally express your love for her and compliment her. Not in cheesy ways, though ones with
real, heart-felt influxes. Be flirtatious! Be you and genuine!

* Start learning what she desires or wants, versus thinking what she wants….you could be

* Touch her often; not only when you want sex. Touch her hands, body, soft, but intentional!

* Kiss her deeply often. Many times, we forget this or get lazy... Be spontaneous with this!

* Make dinner and have it in the living room on a blanket or in front of a fireplace, candles,
Music, or dinner summer months, a moonlit picnic… When was the last time you’ve done

* Just think of little thought gestures that can make day less stressful…

* Show and verbalize you’re appreciation for and of her. Include this in your notes above too.
Do not take her for granted for the things she does for you!...

Ladies, now it’s your turn to romanticize your man!

* Flirt with him, bat your eyes like you did in years past and lick your lips in desire. You
* Touch him frequently, we also love to be touched and felt, caressed and rub. This tends to
dissipate quickly, especially giving the kids all the attention…

* Compliment him often on his looks, eyes, talents, being a husband, father, what have you!...

* Men love to be appreciated! Goes with above on complimenting, though simple verbal
gestures of thank you or I appreciate all you do, etc. If not appreciated, men will feel like a
paycheck and will often leave you.

* Same as with the men above: Kiss him passionately, often!...

* Show interest in his interests: or at least show him you are happy he enjoys a certain hobby or

* Look nice for him once in a while. I often hear this complaint by men that their lady stops
getting ready, wearing makeup or looking great like “She use to when we were dating. Now
it’s like she has me and doesn’t care anymore.”

* Seduce him! Show him you crave him, desire and love him with not only your emotions, but
with your body! For men, as I stated this numerous times…sex is emotional for us too and it
feels great to feel desired by our lady!

* Laugh and joke around with him. This is also forms of flirting in a man’s eyes…

Now again, the above recommendations do not have to be 24/7. Though, occasionally is great, (except where noted above).

Remember when you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other, or couldn’t go a few hours without speaking to one another. What did you do back then to show your loved one you love her or show him you desire his kiss and body intertwined with yours? Think back. Perhaps returning to those hot, loving sensual days can bring brought back to life again, or maybe you can integrate new ways to express your love and desire for one another, or just show you love one another.

I don’t want to hear “If only She would do that;” or “If He would do this.” Take charge and responsibility in your love life. If you’re partner doesn’t reciprocate, then perhaps you’re in the wrong relationship…..

This entails many pieces of advice to be romantic and express your love for one another again. Better yet, never let these expressions of love dwindle away. It is crucial to mention that this is not an all-encompassing list. This is a starting point so do not be afraid to create your own ways of being romantic, sensual and loving.

Author's Bio: 

Greg is a licensed professional counselor in the State of Michigan. He is a relationship and sex specialist helping couples obtain that total connection they have never experienced in their life time!