Much has been talked lately about the growing incidence of supernatural sightings at different places across the world and Rome is not an exception in the list. Italy has been the most hyped in the last few centuries for the same reason.
If one loves to discover the odd side of life or is interested in the unusual and abnormal then Italy is the right place. Book cheap all inclusive holidays to Rome to enjoy the beauty along with the spookiness of this amazing country. About the beauty of Italy, we all know well but here we will acquaint you with the eeriness of the country.
This haunted place could be easily termed as a more exquisite version of the Shutter Island. It is one of the scariest places in the world all though one can easily admire the beauty of this place on a boat ride in Italy. This site has hosted more than 16000 plague-infected patients and hence it is said that the 50% of the soil compose of human remains. One can actually see the skeletal remains and skulls. Many soldiers were burnt alive here and this place was also an asylum for mentally ill.
This castle’s spookiness is attributed to the mysterious murder of a little girl inside it. The girl named Guendalin was five years old with blue hair and eyes was called Azzurrina by everyone because she was an albino. On June 21 in 1375, she strangely got lost in the prison cell in the lower ground of the castle. It is believed that her ghost still lives inside the castle and cries loudly on the summer solstice of every fifth year.
One of the creepiest destinations in Italy is the Evil Tower, as the name suggests. It is believed to be inhabited by the spirit of Matelda, the beautiful Italian maid who was charged with the murder of her lover, whom she killed after making love. She received a death sentence but her spirit haunts the castle’s visitors by making her presence felt as for cleaning the room or doing the laundry.

This is one of the most beautiful yet haunted places in Italy and was owned by the famous Lucida Mansi. As the legend goes, the Lucchesi noblewoman was so much obsessed with her beauty and the desire to remain young that she sold her soul to a devil for another thirty years of youth. She used to kill her young lovers one by one after a night of lovemaking. It is also said that if one visits the lake and puts their face down in the water, Lucinda’s expression could be seen as if she is looking in the mirror.
This is another place on the list with the story of an Inn, which was owned by a family with mental disorders. They used to kill their customers by smashing huge pieces of furniture on their faces and crushing their bodies. Then they used to steal their money and throw them in a large hole that gradually turned into a massive grave. After World War II, the place was re-inhabited by a family who told that they used to hear the noises of falling objects and breaking crockery at the night.
At this uncanny place, one can hear Sister Teresa Margherita Gesta’s mourning and could also see her weird burnt handprint on the door. Though Sister Teresa died at this place on November 4th, 1895, of an apoplectic stroke at the age of 62, after serving 34 years at church and living a religious life yet her ghost still wanders around the place as she is believed to have suffered so much in Purgatory.
This ghostly place has a long disruptive story that includes the well-known Visconti. During the other half of the 14th century, the bastard daughter of Bernabo Visconti was accused of committing adultery. As a punishment, she was imprisoned in the Rocchetta di Porta Nuova. She died after seven months of captivity that too on bread and water. She is seen appearing in the doorway of the church, and screaming at her father and also her appearance could be seen as a prostitute and a bride.
The above list is never-lasting. If you are planning your last minute city breaks, then Italy will surely suffice you in every sense; be it the enthralling beauty of the country or as we have discussed above, the uncanny eeriness of its various haunted places. Book cheap Rome holidays and add some variety to the otherwise regular trend that is followed in terms of travel destinations.
Both positive and negative forces are believed to be ruling this planet of ours. If there is light on one side then the other side is surely covered with darkness. If there is beauty at some place, at the other there is ominous. If you wish to explore the gloomy side of the world the haunted destinations in Italy would surely provoke you to do so.

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