If you are looking for a simplistic design in contrast to bulky and exaggerated window treatments, then simple and minimalist roller shades may be just the right option for you. Available in any design and color imaginable, these shades are a great alternative for your windows. They are extremely easy to use and install and add an instant touch of modernization to your interior design. Sleek and practical, they are available in a large choice of size to fit almost any window in your home.

Roller shades install easily in just minutes, and are very easy to operate. Lying virtually flat against your window, the thin material can be grasped firmly by the bottom, and with just a gentle tug rolls up to grant you access to your window immediately. Another gentle tug puts the shade back into place covering your window.

Also an excellent option for those who are seeking energy conservation within their home, roller shades can effectively block the sun’s light and heat from permeating your home and increasing your energy bills in the summer months. Sunlight coming into your home through uncovered windows can lead to your home heating up from the sunlight, causing your air conditioner to work harder and longer to stay at the desired temperature setting. Effectively blocking sunlight prevents this. Roller shades are an easy and affordable way to accomplish this, while still maintaining your high style standards.

This style of shade is available in a wide selection of colors as well as materials. You can find virtually any style to accentuate your home. You don’t have to sacrifice home fashion for affordability, function, and ease. You get all three with this style of shade. These are a sleek option that can be designed to fit practically any family or individual. They are also fantastic for homes with small children. Every parent knows the frustration when a child ruins yet another set of blinds or drapes. Not to mention the choking hazard that window treatments with cords feature! A rolling shade is easily rolled up and out of reach, and has no hanging cords for maximum saftey.

Roller Shades

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