Physical therapy exercises are being used as a first line of treatment in alleviating back pain. Physical therapy when administered through professional healthcare can help people get back to normal life.

Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions affecting men and women of all ages. Physical therapy exercises help treat many types of musculoskeletal disorders and are perhaps the most mainstream of all non-surgical treatments for neck and back pain. Physical therapy can also help in rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.

There are two types of back pain:

  • Pain from unanticipated external injuries to the back tissues
  • Pain that materializes from within the body and becomes chronic

Back pain can cripple or disrupt your daily life based on its intensity. If the pain persists, it can lead to permanent neural complications, long after treatment for the original condition.

Physical Therapy Treatment

Proper physical therapy treatment at a professional health care center can help patients manage pain achieve optimal functionality of the back, knees, shoulders, and other areas by improving strength and mobility.

Before starting the therapy, you will be thoroughly evaluated by a qualified physical therapist to arrive at a proper diagnosis. Your medical records will be examined to determine if any pre-existing conditions are responsible for your back pain. If required, MRI will be used to aid in diagnosis. When the root cause of the pain has been identified, the physical therapist will create a customized physical treatment program for you.

A pain management center usually adopts multi-specialty approach to ensure the best results. There are two physical therapy approaches to pain alleviation - passive and active. The former utilizes procedures such as application of electrical stimulus, and heat and ice application. This type of treatment is performed to strengthen the patient before commencing more vigorous and active rehabilitation with physical therapy exercises.

A reputable healthcare centre can provide you with a number of physical therapy modalities to help you return to a more active lifestyle. These include

  • Massage and Myofascial Release
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Ice or heat to eliminate muscle spasm and inflammation
  • Ultrasound to treat soft tissue injuries
  • Traction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention education

Importance of Choosing a Professional Pain Management Centre

Make sure that you select an established multi-specialty healthcare center which can provide customized treatment to alleviate your back pain with physical therapy exercises. A reliable center is one that has experienced licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants as well as specialists in neurology, pain management, and orthopedics. A holistic approach is often the best way to treat back pain.

Author's Bio: 

Igor Stiler is a medical consultant at HealthQuest, a multi-specialty medical care center based in Brooklyn, NY. We offer personalized and result-oriented physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Our mission is to help our patients achieve optimal functional ability in the back, knee, shoulder, and other areas of the body by improving strength and mobility.