The applications developed for smartphones are intended to deliver entertainment, fun, and convenience. Whether you are using a health application or playing a game, you might have discovered how interesting the apps are. An interesting and engaging app will make a user open it and use the features repeatedly. It has been found that there are over 5 million applications in Apple’s Store and Google Play Store. Despite so many applications present cumulatively, users only restrict 5 apps during usage time every day.

Another survey suggests that more than 80% of users never use an application after 3 days of download. Hence, it can be understood that mobile users are unable to keep their interest up for applications. The app development companies are failing to keep hopes up in terms of users. This is where hiring the most experienced and successful android app developers India becomes mandatory for a company.

Human psychology: An important factor

A viral app is not something with heavy animations and brilliant features that will eventually slow your smartphone down. It can be a simple app that pokes your intuitive mind and makes you play or use it all the time. An app developer must understand the prime necessities or features of users’ psychology.

A successful android app development company knows how to build an application that will trigger curiosity continuously and will escalate the attachment of a user. It will eventually become a habit to become a part of an interactive virtual environment. 


Josiah Humphrey said,

“The key to building a high quality, robust, and addictive app that resonates well with end-users is to explicitly approach the developing, testing, launching, marketing, and selling of the app with the intention of creating an in-demand product within a hungry market that solves a pressing customer pain and organically encourages viral and habitual engagement.”

Virality: What is it?

As per the common definitions, virality stands for a degree of famousness an app, image, video or any information becomes due to its features and acceptance from users. An app, image or video becomes viral through a referral mechanism. When a user finds an app very interesting or useful, he refers it to his peers and the chain goes on. It eventually follows a pyramid structure and the popularity of an app increases exponentially.

For instance, Instagram is a viral app with more than 1 billion active users monthly. Its content is extremely engaging where users can find images, videos, and even products of their interest easily. It offers a unique platform where users can showcase their talents and gather followers. YouTube, on the other hand, delivers a brilliant platform where users can find elegant videos and suggestions to keep them on a loop. 

The prime reasons for the virality of apps are:

  • An app must have something that will add more value when shared. Applications like Swiggy, Zomato, Google Pay, etc have a referral program that rewarded users for referring the applications to peers. Incentives and rewards from sharing an application are also a brilliant way to make an app viral.
  • It must have something that a user finds entertaining and wants to multiply it when peers join in. For instance, playing PUBG with friends is something that the young generation cannot avoid. It has become a habit to play a multiplayer game easily using their smartphones.
  • Adding more value to the platform of an application for users only will make an app viral.


An android app development company in India must follow a few principles that will make an application go viral in an audience. There are ways that an app developing agency follows to make a project popular. 

Marcio Cyrillo, Executive Director, C&IT, said,

"Our lives will be facilitated by a myriad of adaptive applications running on different devices, with different sensors, all of them collecting tidbits about everything we do, and feeding big digital brains that can adapt applications to our needs simply because they get to know us."

Principles a strategy must follow

  • Making the application effortless

The first principle is to make an application absolutely effortless to use. One-click signing in feature and an effortless platform to use are the elements, to begin with. Apps like Pinterest and Minecraft make it effortless for users to navigate and enjoy the content.

  • Providing rewards

A way to engage users is via a reward program. It will hook in users as a behaviour will be regularly encouraged. An app that offers gifts, rewards, etc or follows a psychological tactic to encourage a particular behaviour of a user can easily retain a huge user base.

  • Presenting controls to users

An Android application that is extremely transparent about posting or sharing content. A user will be surprised to find something posted on his behalf on social media and it will create a good impression. An app should be absolutely transparent.

  • Using notifications

Creating attractive and engaging notifications will also make users come back and motivate them to carry on using applications.


Matt Haig, Author, Mobile Marketing -  The Message Revolution, said,

“End users not technologies shape the market. Consequently, marketers need to stay abreast not only of technological developments but also of the way people respond to them.”

It has been found that applications that can impress a user will get shared after using it for a long duration. Hence, when you hire android app developers India, make sure that a mobile app is perfectly useful. The experience is psychologically entertaining and engaging.


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