Fertility drugs are the alternative treatment for the women who do not ovulate. The working of this drug is same the body own a hormone ovulates to release the eggs. Sometimes, these drugs are commonly known as ovulation induction. These are helpful to lead to the conception after few weeks. The possible side effects of this medicine are the nausea, headaches and sometimes, weight gain.

These drugs are used as a part of the more complicated treatments like IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION). Other drugs are helpful to control the menstrual cycle or thicken the lining of the womb to make it ready for the pregnancy. These can also cause hot flushes, nausea and swollen breasts etc.


IN IVF technique, women eggs and sperm are collected and fertilized in the laboratory. When the embryo is ready, it is transferred in the womb of the mother. In this treatment, women tales the help of fertility drugs in order to stimulate the production of the eggs. When the eggs are matured and these are collected by the doctor. The man gives the sperm sample and it is left for few days so that fertilization can take place. If the healthy embryo develops, then it is placed in the womb of the mother using Cather. Any remaining embryo is stored in freezer to be used for future.

What is the few way s that helps the fertility drugs in conception?

Fertility drugs provide the some extra force for the growth of follicles and have maximum eggs at the time of ovulation. Clomid is the fertility pills that increase the number of the eggs produced in the female body so that the chances of the fertilization can be increased at the maximum extent.

The second fertility drug is the injectable Gonadotropins. It is used to stimulate the ovaries directly. This is used when the female doesn’t respond to the Clomid.

Fertility drugs increase the hormonal level in the female body and improve the chances of conception.


It is the essential condition that right dose of the fertility drug is required. Low dose of fertility drug reduces the chances of conception. High dose may lead to Ovarian Hyper stimulation. This is the condition that when the ovaries are filled with fluid. This fluid Is released during the Ovulation and causes severe problems. So, it is important to consult the best IVF centre In India which provides the proper prescription regarding the fertility drugs.

Now-a-days, most of the best IVF centre in Delhi advises you to go three or four cycles of fertility pills before going for the IVF. If the patient’s body does not respond to the fertility drugs, then doctors will refer to go for the IUI. After that, go with the IVF technology.

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