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Baden Powell has founded the boy Scouts organization in 1910. He was a General Officer in British Army. The aim of this organization is to mold the youth into good citizenship, irrespective of their caste, language, creed or religion. This is a non-military, non-class, non-sectarian and non-political movement, which gained popularity among all civilized countries. The movement of Powell spread very fast among the various communities of the world because the objectives of scouts were simple, noble and applicable on ground. Every young-boy desires to do something better in his life and fasten himself to his noble promise at any cost. He fulfills his duty to Allah Almighty, to his country and to the people in distress. This provides a great ground for such type of young generation.


Scout organization has distributed young generation in various groups for their best utilization. Generally, the Boy Scouts consists of following three age groups:-

a) Group-1. The first age limit of boy scouts is 17 years and above. The said group is the most efficient and effective age group.
b) Group-2. The second and middle age group of Boy Scouts is between 11 years to 17 years.
c) Group-3. The third and last Boy Scouts age group is between 8 years to 11 years. The said group is most attractive, familiar, inspiring and bright group.

Role of Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts mold all volunteers for social service to their public and become loyal to state. The organization gives training through open air activities. The Scouts are awarded with some special uniform and badges for their identity. They are decorated with special ranks and badges, considering their efficiency in their particular trade. The above mentioned groups are carrying out training in following four categories:-

a) Training of character building and collection intelligence information.
b) Learning of skills and handicrafts.
c) Physical health and self-care.
d) Provision of services to state and public.


A tough particular training is given to the young boys in their field of interest. This training develops both physical and moral growth of the participant. Now, it is also popular among the girls. The scouts have their own uniforms, badges and identifiable marks like other organizations. A boy of scout remains loyal to his country, people, human being, who has good moral values. He also remains loyal to his social duty. A boy scouts is expected to be a well-balanced person in a community. His moral is without a blemish. He remains eager to help the injured, poor, needy and the handicapped people.

The Boy Scouts does not hurt the feeling of others. He keeps himself away from petty pursuits. Moreover, a Boy Scouts has the qualities of good leadership. He is firm, stable and noble in command and control. Scout boy is humble, modest and willing in obedience. He learns useful crafts and skills in his early life and apply the same in practical life. The scout boy knows basic facts about trees, hills, rivers, stars and nature. He is efficient in using knives, axes, various knots, cooking food and pitching tents. A boy scout shows courage, responsibility and self-confidence both in peace and emergency.

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