Open source software is increasingly adopted by small and mid sized businesses. Open Source Solution Company plays a crucial role in contributing, profiting and influencing further growth of open source software. Open source solution matures from free and community age to adoption by developers and enterprises. An Open Source Solution Company is involved in this process.

Open source solution has revolutionized the software industry. The software market witnessed massive pressure on price levels and profit margins. With introduction of open source software players like an Open Source Solution Company can enter the market with low initial investment. With the introduction of low cost scalable open source software value of sales witnessed a major decline. Functionality and quality of open source projects are faster due to collaborative engineering approach. Usually an Open Source Solution Company focuses on local needs and manipulates changes accordingly.

There are four revenue models usually followed by an Open Source Solution Company. IP usage based products may offer proprietary offerings (like SugarCRM with advanced features) or dual licensing (MySQL offering technology licensing). There are companies offering IP bound services that can earn revenue from subscription (per use) for support, training and professional services (like redhat, Novell, Spike, etc). Revenues can also be earned by offering value added services.

Open source field is not easy for a layman to navigate and comprehend. As such, many small businesses hire services of an Open Source Solution Company to select the right component and provide solution. Open source software is often used as component of a new solution and lacks single point support. Such uses are common in providing application management services. Open Source Solution Company also facilitates integration and application of open source software with several applications.

Open source software has emerged as a key player in developing next generation internet platform. While first generation of internet experience focused on personalization, surfing and transacting, the next generation is all about collaboration, sharing and building a community. Most of the presentations in first generation were in HTML, Forms and Links while in next generation we are gifted with rich user interface and application centric approach.

Such changes are hugely influenced by rampant use of open source software in developing next generation internet platform. This platform is expected to yield more meaningful interactions with customers, employees and partners of a business. It is also expected to have higher rate of adoption and increased user satisfaction.

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